Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Gracie Meets Turbo

There is a new pup in town his name is Turbo. He was adopted from Woods Humane Society,
 he is Jack Russell Terrier and Chihuahua.  Jack Russells come from North Brittany.  They were meant to work first and foremost in the country to explore the land in  search of rats, pole cat or weasels. They are tough feisty dogs who are good with other dogs and children. They will defend their home to their death. They are loyal and affectionate, they would not be pushed around by bigger dogs. I have know several and I liked them but the were trouble makers for be not having a job, they are very smart and if not exercised enough they dig out their yard and go looking for adventure.I think God made them so cute so their owners would not kill them.
 The Chihuahua are an ancient breed honored and loved by their owners. These dogs are not so frail as they look. They do well in the Mexican desert with extreme heat and bitter cold. They are smart and loyal to their owners. Gracie is Skye Terrier and Bearded Collie both breed are working dogs and have a strong desire to watch their herd, Gracie sits and guards the yard and she is very protective of me. I'm very pleased to watch Gracie learning dog manners with the first circle sniff approach. Gracie has made much progress with normal dog behavior. She lets other dogs sniff her before she would jump with fear and go after them.I know Gracie is working hard and it has been my blessing to help her.
I am sure that we will do more of this work soon. I have been working with her for a year and a half. I am so happy for Gracie.This gives me hope for her to be rid of her fears from her abuse.

Monday, September 18, 2017

Pictures Of Bud's Party

His party was fun and we got to visit with Bud's breeder; when he saw her he jumped into her arms. Bud is very handsome and he is doing great !I am so blessed to have my boy Bud in my life. I thank God every day for him and Gracie.


Thursday, September 14, 2017

The Golden Retriever originated in the early 19th century. It was developed after a long line of breeding from the Newfoundland, Tweed water spaniels and the Irish setter. The ultimate goal was to develop a breed of hunting dog that was big enough and had the endurance to hunt and retrieve a large number of game birds at a time. The Golden Retriever became quite popular with British nobility not only for its hunting and retrieving abilities, but because it was such a great companion. It is an excellent bird dog, and considered to excel in both land and water retrieval. The breed is so eager to please that it also makes an excellent search and rescue dog.

I know a Golden Retriever from my neighborhood that's one of our friends, his name is Sparky. The owners of Sparky went to a breeder. The parents were champion show dogs. Sparky is 10 now. The bond I see with the owners is very special. Here he is as a puppy and an adult. Sparky is one of the lucky ones to get a home, they adore him. The love is tremendous for this dog. He is a handsome boy and very sweet. I am very pleased to know him. I love Golden's they are great dogs.  The last picture of them together shows the intimacy the dogs love and crave, beautiful.


Saturday, September 2, 2017

Ginger's Back !!

Several years ago Ginger, Bud's love interest got the same injury that Bud years ago on her right blowing the tendon.  Ginger is love bug, she is boxer -pit bull mix. She had surgery after the first rear knee. She blew the other knee out. No surgery for Ginger this time. She didn't get to beach for a very long time. We missed her so much. I would see her in her front yard for fresh air. Slowly, Dave her human walked her one block, then two blocks and finally she got to go back on favorite beach much to the neighborhood dogs  We all love Ginger and when she came back all the local dog tails were wagging. It was so nice to see her over here active again and I do love those sweet kisses.

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Some Things Never Change!

Bud a has a way about him that is sweet and vulnerable and over sensitive. Bud has always been a knucklehead ! Here you see him when he was just a young pup still with his breeder. I would not change him if I could. He keeps me laughing. We see puppy Bud and adult is now old enough too figure things out. The object in his mouth is the outside frizzbe ............when He brings in it the house I remind him the that toy stays in the yard not in the house. I not have figure to teach a dog to tell which toy is for in the house. But actually it really doesn't matter!  My lover boy makes my life sweeter.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Gracie Worried About Me

Gracie has bonded to me and I am so happy she knows where to go when she is afraid. This morning I was on the bedroom floor doing my exercises like each day and Elisa, one of my caregivers came in the and Gracie heard her voice louder than normal Gracie followed her into the bedroom and layed on me. Bud got in the room to kiss me because silly boy likes to lick my sunblock off.
Gracie spends alot time guarding the house in the front yard. I notice she comes in looking to make sure I'm here.
Gracie took a long time,over one year to bond because of her being abused for her person I believe. Gracie has transformed before our eyes to be happy sweet love bug. That's why I named her Gracie for Amazing Grace, I love that song. She came to me a bad mess and know she is an angel.( Well almost, she does have a mind of her own that's the Terrir in her --she can't help it) Bud kisses me when I am on the floor in the morning. He wants to play. I am so in love with my dogs, they make my life full of love all the time!