Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Oh My God, I lost Buddy!!

One day last week I lost my dog! It was a wake up call for me for sure. The shock of losing my dog was too much for me.  Here"s what happened:

One day I left to go to the beach with Bud and forgot my whistle and to change into my beach  shoes. As Bud is trained to come when I blow the whistle.  This one day I didn't go down the stairs with him to watch him play like I always do. I stayed up on the landing to watch him. I was watching him play with a family and realized they weren't locals. He was playing with a father and the little boy throwing a stick around. Bud was having a fabulous time. As I was watching for about 15-20 minutes I took my eye off him for just a second an he disappeared.  I started running down the stairs without my new shoes on anyway screaming, "Buddy Buddy, Buddy!!" I couldn't see my phone due to the sun shining so brightly to call someone to help me and I was praying, "God please help me, I can't lose him, I can't lose him, I can't lose my Buddy" as I sobbed and prayed.  I got back to my scooter, got on it and started looking for him. Then I saw a car with a rack for traveling and I knew that had to be the house he went into. All the locals here know Buddy the out- of- town-peolpe don't I have of folks taking a dog home with them.
I pulled up to the house and a lady answered the door. I was screaming like a crazy lady.
As she opened the door she began holding her palms over her son's ears then sent him upstairs. I could see Bud behind her and he saw me and ran towards me wagging his tail and licking my face all over.

 After I got home and calmed down I realized I was mad at myself for not putting his collar on him with his name, my address and phone number. He's micro-chipped of course but they thought he was a stray.  He went with them because they were playing with him and didn't know who he belonged to. The next day I brought the family a "Thank You" card and humbly thanked them and went to get his name tag. Since then I never allow him on the beach without his collar and my whistle around my neck. I was so worried about wrecking a brand new pair of tennis shoes that I didn't go downstairs with him to the beach, Bud is more important than new shoes!!

I thank God for Bud everyday. I am so blessed he didn't get lost that day. They could have taken him anywhere. So I thank God I still have my boy. He licks my face everyday.

Friday, April 6, 2018

We Are Old Dogs Now!

When Bud turned 10  I had a dog party of course but I never thought about his diet because he is doing great on the best dog food from Costco. I have given him extra liquid salmon oil, Chondorotin Glucosamine with MSM ever since he was one year old. When feeding a senor dog the main objective is to maintain heath and weight to slow down the development of chronic diseases|that may already be present. When dog age health issues arise including skin and coat, loss of muscle mass, obesity more frequent gastrointestinal disease and dental problems. Older dogs should not have too much protein. Older dogs need supplemented in their diet omega-6 fatty acid. This is produced in the liver but levels may be diminished in older dogs. Senior dog food helps to keep a healthy coat and skin. 
FOS helps maintain growth of beneficial bacteria. Look for foods with antioxidants such vitamin E and Beta-Carotene; these help maintain a health immune system. With a senior dog it is very important to avoid stressful situations. Vet checks are important because age-related issues should be watched carefully. Do not let your senior dog get fat. This will shorten their lives. Some breed are more prone for obesity such as Labrador Retrievers and Pugs. Your dog should have a waist and you  should should be able to feel their ribs and backbone. Talk to your vet about a good food for him and how much to feed him not what the bag of dog food says. Your job is not to feed him too many treats.  I recommend you get your dog plenty of exercise, they will love you for it. I say a tired dog is a good dog. Watch your dogs like you should watch your own.weight, because dogs should never get fat. Like humans it shortens their life. Bud has arthritis in his right rear knee for blowing the knee out when he was six years old. Recently, I noticed that Bud was stiff after laying down on the cement by the Cal Poly pool. Even though I bring a soft padded rug for him. Labs can be in pain and not show it. Every time I notice him stiff or limping I gave him a Tramadol. A non narcotic pain reliever, but didn't help for inflammation for arthritics.
The Vet told me that he needed more for his pain and she put him on a medicine called Carofen 75 mg twice a day. Oh my God the difference is amazing!! It's a wonder drug. Bud acts like he did when was a young dog. I am so grateful for the benefits to Bud. I can't say how much I love watching him move with ease and not hesitate when he uses the doggy door or jump out of the car. We see the Vet in two more months for blood work then he can hopefully stay on it forever.

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Great Gasby ---Grey Ghost

For most of my life, I have been in total love with the breed of Weimaraners. Misty, was my first dog, when I was  in high school was she was beautiful and my best pal for many years. I bred her and she had one big pup. We named him he at adult age weight 90 pound, Solo he  killed and farm animals, like chickens and goats all the cats in the neighborhood but he was great with our family.
 One summer day, Solo ate 10 large steaks right off  a low  fire- barbecue grill !
This breed  is very smart and if not worked with will find themselves into mischief. The is bred is from Germany, at one time they were use for hunt bear and other large game. Weimaraners are hard wired to chase game and kill them. In the Cold War they  be at risk were use as scent dogs. With their  massive chest enables  to run for hours with no effort, they cause blout if feed too much at one time. These devoted dogs can have separation anxiety. They are wonderful  companions  are smart and loyal the are cautious with strangers. They have tons of energy but they really don't care about being outdoors--they want to be in your lap. The breed comes from Germany, they are Pointers and have the ability to carry prey in back to the hunter this is called Soft mouth. Mouth.These dogs were used to fight bears and other large animals. They were use as scent dogs in the cold war because they have a strong sense of smell.

 I first spotted Gasby three or four years ago on the beach walking on three legs with skin hanging down where his leg used to be. I stopped, and watched in amazement  at the this handsome Weimaraner, he walks with no effort but with dignity of a this powerful dog. Every time I saw his he was having fun, but very close with his people. Then I didn't see him for several weeks then he was back with no flapping skin.
One day Mark and Jackie stopped to visit and they told me Gasby's sad story. He was riding in the back of Mark's truck tether and an accident threw his could and because of day When Mark told me the story I saw the love the had for Gasby.This handsome dog has been in my home often. At home he steals food whenever possible and chases cats when he sees them. He is super strong, he loves to be with Jakcie and he will clime stairs to follower her from room to room.  Now Gasby is eight and he has hip problems but that does not slow him down. We have been on long walks and he is not tired.  One day when he was over visiting I looked down at my walker where I keep dog treats and the where were gone. I now he could not help himself he is a true, I know that he could NOT help himself. He is truly the Great Gazby.

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Gracie Bites Someone

Gracie thinks that she a large Great Pyrenees who weights 115 instead of 15 pounds. Gracie's is sad past when she was put out of mean streets of LA for you know how long. Gracie has learned to made a awful mean face to protect her self. Now, two years later she forgets that and I tell that a nice face is much better. Gracie gets upset with people she doesn't know come to the house.
My neighbor was at my front gate and I had a new gal working for me who didn't know that Gracie had issues with strangers. The gate was open and Gracie got out and bit the neighbor in the butt. She broke skin, even with little teeth!  I then after this put the sigh on my my gate. I have worked with Gracie for two years now and she has really changed in many ways. Most of the time she is happy, obedient and loving to most every one who comes over.
For Gracie I put her in her crate and take help her by not putting her the stress of not being guarding the house or me. She most likely not get over her issues but you never know. The power of love is amazing. Gracie is truly amazing, she is my guard dog. Bud,welcomes any one and every one with his frizzy or ball when they come through the gate.

Friday, December 22, 2017

Happy Holidays

I hope you all have a happy holiday, my dogs keep me happy. When I look at these pictures of my pack, I know how blessed I am. When times become hard I look at my dogs. It was hard to get good pictures of our pack. Here is some to show you more about them. My dogs make me smile. They are pure love.

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

These Hot Days Bud Loves Mom's Preety New Floor

I finally changed my flooring from all carpet except the kitchen and bathrooms. I chose a product that was pretty and functional. At first I know Bud miss the old carpet this inspired a story in my next book untitled "I hate Mom's new pretty floor."
I noticed that Bud does like the cool floor in these hot days. He is happy to be be on a cool floor. I had my bedroom and office carpet with a soft, soft carpet for him to lay on and Gracie to roll on.

I tell Buddy that he almost matches my new pretty floor. He agrees the new floor can stay. The only problem is that is shows dog slobber better than my old sad gray carpet!  I pay the price for loving, and living with dogs that I keep the paper towel handy. I live happily with dog hair and slobber. It's a good reason to vacuum and mop often, I like a clean house but cannot not live without my dogs!

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Gracie Meets Turbo

There is a new pup in town his name is Turbo. He was adopted from Woods Humane Society,
 he is Jack Russell Terrier and Chihuahua.  Jack Russells come from North Brittany.  They were meant to work first and foremost in the country to explore the land in  search of rats, pole cat or weasels. They are tough feisty dogs who are good with other dogs and children. They will defend their home to their death. They are loyal and affectionate, they would not be pushed around by bigger dogs. I have know several and I liked them but the were trouble makers for be not having a job, they are very smart and if not exercised enough they dig out their yard and go looking for adventure.I think God made them so cute so their owners would not kill them.
 The Chihuahua are an ancient breed honored and loved by their owners. These dogs are not so frail as they look. They do well in the Mexican desert with extreme heat and bitter cold. They are smart and loyal to their owners. Gracie is Skye Terrier and Bearded Collie both breed are working dogs and have a strong desire to watch their herd, Gracie sits and guards the yard and she is very protective of me. I'm very pleased to watch Gracie learning dog manners with the first circle sniff approach. Gracie has made much progress with normal dog behavior. She lets other dogs sniff her before she would jump with fear and go after them.I know Gracie is working hard and it has been my blessing to help her.
I am sure that we will do more of this work soon. I have been working with her for a year and a half. I am so happy for Gracie.This gives me hope for her to be rid of her fears from her abuse.