Saturday, December 31, 2011

More Play Ideas

I miss Bud when we have our morning loving. Show here I get in the playpen for some loving. Batman joined this day.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Play Pen Ideas

Poor Bud. He is feeling better but is still a little freaked about the confinement time. He looks a little depressed and I sure that he still hurts when he goes outside to potty. He has to wait and get his collar one and wait for the person who takes him out to grab the wide belt to under his belly for the person to take him out on a leash while holding the belt tight. This is to support him in the case of slipping and using to much weight on the knee wide the hardware in it. His knee and ankle are still swollen from the trauma of the injury and surgery.
I have been having him spend time in a “Play Pen,” that I put in the kitchen so he can be with me while I am doing chores, and reading or watching TV. He can see the action. This morning after he got taken out for his A.M potty, once he got back in the “Play Pen” I spent time snuggling with him like I have done all of life in the mornings. I know I miss this problem more than he does. Batman, Bud’s good wanted some close time too. Please I know if you guys like this idea. I am going to suggest to the vets to buy some of this fencing to make the time of confinement more bearable.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Surgery Done

Bud's surgery went well this morning at Atascadero Pet Hospital. Dr Arron Schecter talked to me when I dropped him off. The vet said that Bud wouldn't have a caste but would bandaged well. Bud will have to be really restricted for 6 weeks. He has to be walked out to potty and right back to confined area. Poor Bud. This will hard on me too. I can't walk with him on our beach for a long time. I will have to do this one day at a time.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Love Bed

Bud is bored silly doing nothing in the house. But he's hanging out with Batman. He's just hanging out everyday waiting for something to happen. He doesn't understand why we are not going out for walks or doing anything. I tell him, "Bud, you're hurt, baby. We are getting you fixed really soon, honey." The surgery is the 22nd. He will be in overnight. I'm getting things ready to set the house up for him after the surgery. I'll show a couple of my ideas for his after-care, so that maybe it can help other people with their dogs. In the meantime, Bud hangs out with his new best friend, Batman. I'll miss him so much when he's gone. I'll be in doggie-withdrawal!

PS: You will read about this story in Bud's book.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Tug of war game

Bud's new best fried, Batman, is shown here playing tug-of-war with Bud to break up the boredom before surgery on the 22nd because of not walking or playing. One of my friends Dan think he's a cat. Here is proof that he is a dog growing and playing with a dog toy that Dan gave Bud. Now what cat would play with a dog like this?

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Hurt Bud

Poor Bud!! Shown here before his surgery, with his friend Batman in his crate . After the surgery he will need to be in his crate for 6 weeks. Yuk !!!. It's going to be hard. Hopefully I will be able to figure out methods to make this God awful ordeal better for  everyone.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Poor Bud In Crate

Picture is my Bud in crate with Batman. Poor Bud, he is bummed. He went out side, hobbled to get a ball in the yard, to throw.. Poor Bud I tell him, he can't play today. He looks at me with his big brown eyes and sighs and go in his crate. THIS IS HARD.We have to do this one day at a time. I've moving his crate after the surgery to my bedroom  so I can sleep next on the floor . I am so happy that I will able to help. Thanks to my family of loving friends.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Bud Gets Hurt

On  the of morning Monday Dec 5, while running at our beach, Bud reputered his right hind Cranial Cruciate Ligament.  He stopped and cried out in pain. My friend carried him home and the vet took an Xray to confirm his diagnosis. Poor Bud!. I found a vet who offered a surgery for 50% off the surgery to my cost 1700$. Bud will fine after his surgery in three months of rehab he will be able to resume his duties as my service dog.I have been contacting several organizations that help dogs in need of surgery and have been told that they will try to help out with funding. The vet who will do the surgery is taking donations by phone for Bud. Any Rabobank is set up to in Bud's and my name. The vet is Dr Aaron Schecter DMV. I am humbled once again with life and am pray for a speedy recover for Bud  Thank God
To help call Rabobank at 805- 995-1594 or to Dr Schechter at 805-466-3880

Friday, December 2, 2011

Book Signing At French Hosptial Pictured is at the book signing at thursday book signing. Bud is now ready for a break after he greeted many dog lovers with kisses ready to come home. We met dog lovers and sold some books and coffee mugs for hoilday gifts. It is fun to talking
to other dog lovers. Jetta had many fans from our visits.

Friday, November 25, 2011

The Reson For The Gentle Leader

One month ago while leaving French Hospital, Bud noticed a little dog of leash, walking toward us. Bud pulled away to sniff the other dog. I was shocked at this behavior. When we got home I found my Gentle Leader. I gave Bud treats and praised him, but am unhappy with this on. I tell him too bad, life is hard sometime but he has to not do that. Bud is a different dog with it on. When he was a puppy I tried one on him and he won’t move. I was afraid of hurting his neck. I don’t worry about that now but I know if you use the Gentle Leader wrong you can cause damage. With it on, he minds better. He still tries to rub up against people furniture. Too bad he will get used to it. When I had it on Bud at the beach he hated it. I was sitting on the ground talking to some friends and he put his head in my lap to hide his shame. This story will be in Bud’s book when it comes out.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011


I am thankful for my health and my life in my wonderful community. Bud is thankful for his happy life at the beach and his favorite swim place. Bud loves to swim. This day in the picture shows you how much Bud enjoys being a Lab. Have a blessed Thanksgiving. We love you. Me & Bud

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Book Signing At HART In Cambria

Last Saturday we went to HART and we had a fun day. I always meet the nicest people. The staff at HART are very wonderful.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Bud Meets Batman

My new assistant, Jewel, has a 10 pound dog. Batman meet Bud the day of the pictures. Batman is six years old is very calm. I am impressed with his personalty. He was was raised around big dogs. I wanted my Bud to hang out with such calm energy. Their first meting was very smooth Batman walked up to Bud and sniffed and Bud was a perfect gentlemen. Good Bud. My dog trainer loves the idea of Bud having a new pack member.I think that Bud is reacting to the loss of Jetta. Jetta was his pack leader. Batman is helping Bud. I am going to of course have the story of Buddy & Batman in Bud's book.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Bud's Training For Dog Agression

Here we are in this class that I thought would never happen to a dog of mine.After these pictures were taken I broke down in tears! The goal is to have Bud not pay attention to these other dogs in class. Many dogs have this problem when they react with fear responses. I brought with me tender juicy roast beef. It worked great. Bud met other pups after class and was a perfect boy. The trainer made me promise to keep Bud on a leash and use him as a Service Dog for one week. Oh Buddy boy your are breaking my heart. Bud is such a fabulous dog.

Monday, October 31, 2011

Big Bud Doen't Scare Easy

Happy Halloween to you. One of our dog friends was playing at our beach while wearing his costume. He was a shark. Bud thinks dress up too silly. The picture of the monster is a friend with a mask on. Bud would rather play ball with the monster! Be safe tonight you trick or-treaters. You can read in Jetta's Journey, in the chapter Halloween Hospital about Jetta's adventures on Halloween.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Bud Hates The Gentle Leader

Last week while leaving French Hospital, Bud noticed a little dog of leash, walking toward us. Bud pulled away to sniff the other dog. I was shocked at this behavior. When we got home I found my Gentle Leader. I gave Bud treats and praised him, but am unhappy with this on. I tell him too bad, life is hard sometime but he has to not do that. Bud is a different dog with it on. When he was a puppy I tried one on him and he won’t move. I was afraid of hurting his neck. I don’t worry about that now but I know if you use the Gentle Leader wrong you can cause damage. With it on, he minds better. He still tries to rub up against people furniture. Too bad he will get used to it. When I had it on Bud at the beach he hated it. I was sitting on the ground talking to some friends and he put his head in my lap to hide his shame. This story will be in Bud’s book when it comes out.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Jetta& Bud Coffee Mugs

We are soon offering these cute coffee mugs on our website. They are large mugs for 15$ and a small mug for less. I have sold some to Lab lovers and given some for gifts. The holidays will be here before we know it. I will have mugs and t-shirts & Jetta sweatshirts at all the upcoming book signings.

Holiday Paws

Monday, October 17, 2011

Healthy Pets Review

We just recieved a wonderful review from Healthy Pets Magazine. We would like to give a special thanks to Lynn Foley for giving me my Jetta & Mette Bryan for training us! Also Isobel Hoffman for the art and Jan Mayfield for the editing.The book turned out so wonderful because it took a team effort to make it shine! Also a special thanks to Oak Tree Press for publishing and helping promote it !

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Bud On The Job

One of the most important commands that Bud know is the command "Stand." Shown here while playing at the park. Its funny, sometimes while playing on the beach when I grab him he wants to play more because I think that he is in a full play mode, When I grab him like this, he flips over on the sand and wiggles like he's rolling on a carcase. By the way when he does this he gets me FITLY sand everywhere. But, when I look at his face he is having TOO much fun. And you know my motto. Dogs NEED to have fun. He makes me smile and be silly with him.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Look at that face. How cute is Bud? Bud is thinking wouldn't be nice to have big bone, or better yet a swim in the bay. Pictures like these make us forget when our dogs have been a handful. From this picture you would never have know that my neighborhood used to call him Budzilla. They were making bets about how long it would take for him to kill me. Bud is my lover boy. Please show me your sweet dogs on facebook.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Book Signing

Saturday's book signing was fun. Hot but fun. Lemos' staff made the day very pleasant. You will see a picture of bud basking in the sun while I was visiting with the photographer who took the picture on the back of my book. I love networking, I met some fabulous people who were all dog lovers. The day was successful because we got to love people.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Come On Out and See Me!

Come on out and see Me !!! I will be selling and signing my book ! A percentage of the proceeds will go to a great cause, Woodside Humane Society !

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Update On Bud's Pup Problem

I have been working on Bud's puppy problem for weeks with a dog trainer. It won't be a quick fix. Today Bud did great while playing at our beach. I kept him focused on the ball and we spent several hours there this morning. I sat down on the beach to meet a big 8 month old Lab-pit pull mix. I sit down before I get knocked down. I love meeting silly pups. Bud was busy digging. He digs and digs and digs when nobody throws the ball for him. I thought its a good chance for Bud to meet this pup. The pup was a goofy love. She rolled and rolled while Bud ignored her. The dog's owner sat down and we watched both dogs dig. Bud liked her. After we said our goodbyes a young small white German Shepard mix was being very curious about Buds privates. She kept bugging him. while I was trying to herd her off. Her owner did nothing while I told her that my dog might jump on her out of fear. She did nothing. I was so proud of Bud he very gently ran her off without jumping on her. The puppy was was out of line. As I was telling Bud what a good boy he was for not jumping on this pup, one of my friend's dog, a small terrier jumps on this silly pup to teach her manners . Dogs work it out if you let them. I am happy that Bud seems more relaxed around this energy. This picture of my Bud after being cleaned up and ready a nap. Tired dog is a happy dog. Pleas tell me your training and play tips.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Hopeful Bud

Bud is a very good boy. He never begs at the dinner table. This picture of him is on a lunch break at the writers conference at Cuesta last month. He is hoping for dribbbles. Yes,I gave him a bite of some thing yummy. Good boys like to be spoiled sometimes. I'm bad. Look at that face!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Splass Warm Water Swiming For Dogs

Bud is a lucky pup. He gets to go to swim often with Chris Barrett at his favorite pool. Warm water is good for dogs after operations, injuries etc. Bud starts crying with joy when we drive down her street. Bud also swims in the bay or ocean. Swimming is good for Bud because of his EP. Elbows aren't quite normal. Being lean and swimming with keep him fit and healthy all his life. Bud's Mom. Buffy swam with him last weekend. The mother and son kissed to say hello. Buffy loves swimming too.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Book Faire At Misson Plaza

Sunday was a beautiful day at the Misson Plaza. I met nice folks who were enjoying the warm day. Bud went on his dog break with one of my young guys and Bud couldn't resit jumping the creek. He knows how to have fun. I loved meeting new friends.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Bud's Puppy Problem

I am pleased to report that, I now have a better understanding of Bud's puppy problem. After talking to several dog trainers and Lab breeders and an animal behaviorist, I see the problem. Bud senses an unbalanced dog. He is afraid that they are going to attack him. Bud's believes that the best defense is the offense. Having never had a male dog I have no experience to go on. I have started to help him overcome his fears in a safe place--in puppy classes with crazy pups. The other dogs only tip him off very occasionally and he acts like older dogs put the pup in his place. Bud is normally so mellow that these confrontations upset Bud. In class we bring close on leash to Bud to sniff him and I give him treats for not acting out. (Home bake liver with garlic.) I also tell Bud that I won't let him get hurt.When on the beach I made sure that I keep running and digging so his energy is drained. In time my trainer will meet us on the beach for finishing off the new wanted behavior.I tell that I have his back and that I'm in charge and we take care of each other. Bud is doing great. He is very social with other dogs and people.It took me awhile to really understand my Bud. You can see from his face that he a very sensitive boy. There is always hope with proper training.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Bud's Girl Friend Visits

Last year, Bud fell in love with a very, very cute, Chocolate Lab, Koda. Koda's owner Jim, met me and became friends who adored our Labs. When Jim had to travel for work I took care of Koda. Bud and Koda have fabulous fun together. The best part of this job is watching the dogs reunite with their pack leaders. After Koda goes home with Jim the house is much more boring for Bud. You can read about Bud's adventures with Koda in the sequel to Jetta' Journey.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Bath Time According To Bud

Bummer, it’s the end to a perfect play time at my beach. Mom makes me stand very still for the water torture. First, I have to stand here like an idiot waiting for her to get the water temp just perfect for dogs. Not too hot, not too cold, just a little less than frozen water. I don’t tell her that Labs meant for cold, cold water. She wants to make bath time less awful, so I won’t run into the house wet and full of sand and hide in my crate and say, no Mom not today. Thanks anyway, but not today.
Mom says, “I’m her very good,polite dog.”
I stand here thinking, about making a run for the door. I guess not, Mom has the hose out and she is ready. First, the blast from afar. I stand next to the front gate for this part of bath time. She sits in a chair 15 ft away. She is safer sitting down for this torture.
She yells “Bud turn to the other side.”
I turn. Boy, she goes crazy with hose. I stand her a take this dog abuse. Wait I need a drink of water. I’m a boy dog who likes biting the water. Now, she calls me over to her for the close up blast. This actually feels better. I won’t tell her.
Bud, she tells me, “At this close range, I can see those darn fleas that get on you at the beach, get washed away, especially when you roll and roll on the sand, good Buddy”
Okay, Mom I think that I am squeak clean now. Good towel game. Don’t forget the hip massage. I’m in the house to dry my nose on my fluffy blanket in the living room. I get water in nose when crash through those waves. Then, I go in the in the house run into Mom’s bedroom I jump on her bed and roll and roll.
After that, she always yells, “Buddy goes out of the house for your treat.”
Yeah, best time in the sun with a bone. Life is good.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Sept 3rd book signing at Lemos in Moro Bay

It is always great meeting other dog lovers. We made money for Woods. The staff at Lemos was wonderful to us. We have now to offer Jetta coffee mugs and Jetta sweatshirts. I would like to do more of these. Soon I hope in other stores.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Sat Book Signing At Lemos

Jetta lives on in her book. Saturday I will be in front of Lemos on Main street in Moro Bay from 12 until 3. I hope to sell books to give Woods some money. I will be happy to meet you. Jetta loved meeting her fans. I honor her by going on my life with Bud. Jettas's sequel has Bud's first 2 years.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Letter From UC Davis

Several months ago I received a letter from UC Davis. I opened the letter wondering why they were contacting me. Three and half years ago I took Bud up to Davis for his elbow surgery. Of course, everybody who met Jetta loved her. She had a way of walking into a room and making people happy.
The letter said that my vets had made a financial donation to the Companion Animal Memorial Fund in Jetta's name. My tears flowed. She would have happy to know that my wonderful vets loved her so much. Dr Truax and Dr Stevens took the best care of my girl.
Thank you to the vets. This community is lucky to have these men. Let me know how much you love your vets.

Letter From UC Davis

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Book Signing Sept 3 rd at Lemos Moro Bay

Hi I am happy to tell you that on Sept 3rd I will be at Lemos for book signing. Woods Humane Society will be receiving 20% of cost of the book at 17.50$ Lemos wants to donate their profit to Woods. We will be there from 12 noon to 3pm. HOPE TO SEE YOU I WILL HAVE DOG TREATS. Jetta will there in spirit.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Bud's Bad Manners

Bud was such an adorable sweet love bug as a pup. He still is BUT he has been getting in trouble playing off leach at our beach. This behavior is very serious. My trainers are surprised when it happens. What Bud does is dog talk to another usually a submissive pup or old dog. He has done this about a dozen times in life. He jumps on the poor a dog with hackles up with allot of growing and noise for 1 second and he is fine they can smell is bottom or sniff him and they play. This has never happened while Bud's on duty. Dogs approached often and he remains calm. I feel so strongly that this has to stop! I need to try to understand Bud's action in order to help him stop doing this. I have known for a long time that is overly sensitive. Working dogs are not good if they are too sensitive to noise machines, people etc. Bud was socialized early. But this happened to him when he was about 6 months old with a Golden Retriever. The Golden, older jumped on Bud with the same posturing and noise and Bud came running for dear life into my arm on the beach
Well, the other day he did it again and the dog fought back. I was in shock to see my sweet Bud in a dog fight on the beach. The other dog was on leach and walking with two men. The fight lasted 2 sec. Bud came right when I called him. The dog bit his cheek. Bud thankfully never bites. So now Bud can't play around other dogs off leach until we figure this out. WHAT A MESS! The fix is going to cost money for the dog trainer, Ericka Fromm who is great and has worked with and Bud in the past. Bud is on restriction and can't until his minor bite heals. Luckily it was just broke the skin. Bud, you are giving me more gray hairs and a heart attack one of these day.
I am open to comment's or suggestions. I am now thinking about a shock collar. This is serious boniness.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Bud 4th Birthday Party

These pictures are from the day of Bud's party. Bud loved opening his gifts. The dog cake I made for the dogs was a big hit with the dogs. Bud and all the dogs gobbled up the cake. Max the human ate some cake for dogs and loved it.
Recipe for dog cake for a sheet cake 4lb of ground turkey meat seasoned with Italian seasoning, 3 eggs, 1 cup of cream of tomato soup, 1 cup of smoky hickory smoked bar-beque sauce, 1 1/2 oatmeal. Frosting Ia a mashed potatoes with extra butter. More pictures of the fun party are on my facebook. Check it out. All 14 dogs were on their behavior. Try this with your dog. They love to party!
PS Try to come to Lemos in Moro Bay 3rd of Sept to come party with us. We are having a book signing. Wood Humane Soctiety is getting a percentage of the cost of the book. Come bark at us.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Jetta's Book In Hawaii

My friends, Mike and Lori took a vacation to Kauai. The dog was in love with Jetta's picture on the cover. The dog was a neighbor hood and would find them enjoying the weather at the beach. Lori enjoyed Jetta's book and she read some stories to Jetta's fan.