Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Bud Takes A Break

Bud swims every day at the bay in Moro Bay. He swims like
 a fish. He is very entertaining the crowds of walkers. The people are amazed by Bud swimming. Shown  here is Bud back at home relaxing between swims he digs. Oh Bud, you are such a good Pup.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Best Friends Hanging Out

Bud and Batman, his best dog friend rest together on Bud's favorite spot in the house. Shown here Bud is deep thought. I wonder want he thinks about. I think how lucky he is to live at the beach and have hours of play time every day.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Bud On The Job

Bud is such a good Service Dog when he is working. Bud is all serious and business while on the job. Shown here in a doctors office is a girl who could not resit his charms. Bud looks at me then I tell him "Release go visit."Then Bud can take a break and be his irresistible self. People stop to watch him when in public. Oh the fans this dog has.

Bud Gets The Phone

Bud has had good training for years. To keep him in training I work with him every day. Bud loves getting treats or the ball thrown for him to retriever. Shown here are some job he does, and one of his very important jobs is to get the phone for me. Bud learned to bring me the phone when he was still a puppy. You can teach your own dogs to get the phone if you make it play time. First you need a phone that sits up so the dog can grab it with mouth. Then you get dowl from a hardware store. Then you work on the dog  hold the dowl in his mouth to get used to bringing items to you. You have the dog hold in his or her mouth for one second and then add more time to get to 40 seconds or so and go slowly so the dog has fun. Throw it and have the dog bring to you but each day for a week have the dog hold the dowl in his mouth to get use holding a hard item. This is called "Shaping." Then you have the dog carried from longer distances. Each time you practice only do for 10 minutes or so. If the dog holds the dowl in his mouth he gets rewarded. End your session when the dog feels that he has been very smart and special. Plan on at least several weeks to a month for this. Eventually they can do what Jetta and Bud have done is when asked, Get the telephone  they can get the phone for you from outside or in the other room. Its pretty cool to show to your friends. Don't give up. Working with you dog great for the both of you. Take time out several times a day. Please let me know how your doing with this. One day the dog can put all his toys away for you and bring you a water bottle a towel, if you drop silverware under the table the dog can get it. Our dogs love to do play and the more you play and train your dog the happier he will be.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Trip in search of a service dog

Shown in the picture I met a Golden Retriever from Woodlake CA. This breeder only uses Goldens. The dog was too small for what I need her for. The dog shown, Ginger was very sweet, but not suited for my needs. When you start looking for a service dog you have to apply and put a deposit down and a letter from your doctor etc. This one place is off my list. Several more to go The second place on my list trained Lab and Goldens. We drove for several hours in the heat of the day to find them not there. We had an appointment at 3 pm and when we waited for half an hour we came home. Bud  was glad to get back to the cool coast. It's a process that could take years to find the perfect fit. Jetta was a perfect fit from her early puppy-hood. She was my miracle girl. Only 30% of the pups that go for this specialized training make it. That's why the cost 10 grand.
Bud wants to retire, but he may have to wait awhile Bud loves helping me but he would rather be my beach dog.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

We LOVE Dr Bukachersky

Bud is so enjoy loving from our favorite doctor.Dr Bukachersky. He helped pay for Bud's training when he was a little pup. In December he also helped pay for Bud's knee surgery.  The doctor is an ear-nose -throat doctor and the best plastic surgeon ever. Okay, now you all know why I look so young! Actually he fixed nose after breaking it long ago and has cut out skin cancer on my face without leaving a scar. and he checks my ears every six months because all my swimming. He has helped for years and is a fabulous guy. Dr Bukachersky is a dog lover as you can tell.  He has a Golden Retriever name Charlie.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day

I met Marilyn Roberts.It seems like forever but actually we met about 10 years ago. One late afternoon I was walking on the beach in Cayucos with Jetta and Jetta spotted a chocolate Lab walking with her person, Marilyn. Jetta, a friendly pup, was making friends with Hershey, the other Lab. I started talking to Marilyn and we found a connection right away. As we talked a park ranger drove up to us. Both dogs were off leash and nobody was on the beach. He told us that he would give us a warning this time. I said to him that my dog was a very well trained Service Dog and I had her on voice control at all time. Hershey stood by Marilyn and then Jetta started running around like a crazy pup in circles around Hershey and Marilyn. The ranger wrote our name down and said that he would have our names down on a computer. That started a warm friendship between us. Hershey is in Jetta's Journey. I adopted Marilyn to be my Mother. She is my "Darling Mother and I'm her Darling Daughter." I made her favorite lunch a made her beautiful arangement  of flowers from my garden.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Boys Will Be Boys

Bud and Sox who is Jim's dog love being busy playing and swimming at the bay.The vet said that Bud could swim as much as he wants and digging is great fun too. (He never digs in the yard.)