Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Robyn's Story

Robyn is my helper, Jamie's, dog. Robyn was a rescue with no information. Robyn is a very loving 7 lb  Chihuahua with fear of every one she meets. Robyn bonded to Jamie right away. Batman willingly her into the pack. She gets along well with other dogs. When I first met Robyn she loved me right away. She must have sensed my love for dogs. When Robyn was a puppy she did not get socialized at the important time for pups (the first four months).
Jamie and Robyn are working with Ericka Duggan and she has made improvements but Robyn will never be a care free dog. Jamie is learning form training methods to help Robyn with her extreme fear. When Robyn is afraid she growls and and is really frightened. Now I am happy that Robyn loves David and Ginger. She will be a work in progress the rest of her life. Maybe this is how she ended up on the street. Luckily Jamie and Robyn and me and the humans that she loves are pictured here. Pictured is me and David getting love from the precious dog.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Bud Is Too Sexy

Bud is too sexy for his collar, too sexy for his leash just too sexy!

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter Time

Hope you all have a beautiful day with your dogs and cats. This time of year is so special. It's nice to have Bud to enjoy life in paradise!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Naughty Ginger

The other day on their morning romp on our beach Ginger ate some dead seal that has been washed up and has been a local attraction for the dogs. Jetta used to keep track in her mind how long the carcass stayed there and when the stink was strong enough, she rolled in it. This made her so happy that she wiggled wagged her butt more and she smiled with joy. Luckily she never ate it. Ginger showed the perfect example of opportunistic feeders. Dogs have this in their brain so they will survive in the wild.
 Later that night Ginger got really sick with diarrhea  and vomiting. The next day she was still sick so Dave, her person, took her to her vet. The vet ran blood work because the seal carass is bad for dogs. An X-ray showed 60 % of sand in her colon! A blockage is potentially fatal if not treated. Ginger is resting for a day or two. No more eating sand and carcass girl!  Ginger's lupus is in remission but she still has to stay out of the sun much of the day. Dave is a good dog person arranging his day for her special needs. Looking at Ginger and watching her play you can't imagine that she has any problems. Ginger is a lucky girl. Her people love her so much. WOULD YOU TRUST THIS DOG NOT TO DO IT AGAIN ??

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Bud Likes Big Sticks

When I walk with Bud on the beach without a ball Bud grabs a stick to play retrieve. In my sequel I have a story about Bud and his love of big sticks. The day in the picture the log was in a fire pit because the log was burnt on one side. Look at Bud's tongue. After a time Bud took the log to clean in. Oh Bud you make my laugh!