Monday, March 30, 2015

Bud Is Outnunber With Females

 Holly my new staff has a pack of her own. The dogs love to come to work with her. Holly has  two more females not show here. In this picture Bud looks a little shy Hanna the black cute is very good with Bud until he got back in her car wet and rubbed against Hanana she gave he hell. Well she let him know she did not like that by growling her diva way. In the back ground sitting like a cat is old Maggie. She lost vison in one eye but she is a lover and is so sweet.

I just love dogs in my home. Bud is very kind and tolerante when Hannna get bossy, which is all the time. He is used to bossy females, like Marley and Ginger. He has good manners that Jetta taught him when he was a puppy. Jetta was never bossy she was very polite and Bud learned to respect females and let them have their way.
Buddy is such a good boy. We love him so much.

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Meet Great Gatsby the Weimaraner (Often Called The Grey Ghosts)

Recently I saw a big gorgeous Weimaraner who was running and playing on the beach in Cayucos. I watched in awe because his front paw was not working, it was just flopping in the wind. I waved in recognition of this dog's spirit and my heart warmed for this dog. So when I was on the beach a week later I flagged the couple down the way I do when thrilled about dogs which is very often. They told me his sad story of riding in the back of a truck chained for safety, but something happened and the dog got thrown out of the truck and suffferd nerve damage on that paw.

I have a special place in my heart for Weimaraners, because I had one of my own in high school. It was a beautiful female Weimaraner named Misty. My mother and father always had Weimaraners. When I see these dogs, I stop and watch them in rememberance of my parent's dogs that I know and loved so well. (These dogs Hansel & Gretal are in my book.) They are silly, silly phenominal dogs. Great Gatsby will have to got through surgery for having his paw removed and I know he will recover well and one day I will see him run past me on the beach again. We wish him a speedy recovery.

Below is a picture of him and his liter mate.

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Second Chance at Love Humane Society Puppies for Adoption

Life began with a tragedy for these sweet puppies. They were only a few weeks old when their mother was hit and killed by a car. To make matters worse, they were living in a deplorable situation - the backyard of a condemned home. Alone, starving and in one case, injured, these puppies didn't stand a chance at survival. 

They didn't know it, but their luck was about to change! A kind stranger found the pups and intervened just in the nick of time. The pups were transported to Second Chance at Love Humane Society in Templeton where they are getting fattened up and healthy in preparation for finding their forever homes!

The litter is believed to be 16 weeks old. We have 2 males left for adoption. Pups appear to be a mix of cattle dog and possibly Labrador. They are well socialized. They are already learning to walk on a leash and be housebroken!

For an application to meet the pups, go to
The puppie's adoption fee is $250 to include his current vaccinations, microchip and of course an amazing puppies!!

Second Chance at Love Humane Society is a 501c3 non-profit organization, dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation and rehoming of dogs in dire need. We are located in Templeton, California in San Luis Obispo County, just under a 4 hour drive from Los Angeles.

Thank you for interest in adopting one of our pups, and thank you always for considering rescue!  


Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Marely Loves Sleeping In Bud's Crate

Marley is a visits often and she found one day that Bud's crate is a very cozy place. She got in the crate for the first time so she naturally gets in bed with Bud any time. Bud shares his crate. I think he is happy though when she leaves. You know the old saying company should not stay too long!