Thursday, April 25, 2013

Bud Update

Bud is taking a break on training. He had a rash develop on his neck. Ericka suggested not working with him to let it clear up. He is doing good. He has been bored silly staying home all the time, so Jewel brought Bud's best friend, Batman, to visit. That made Bud happy. They kissed and played together. Dogs are happy when they have other dog companions.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Rescue Dogs - Their Unknown Past, Your Future With Them

Many dogs I run into are rescue dogs including Jewel's dad's dog, Dexter and Michelle's dog Gin.  I've been reading a great book, How To Be Your Dog's Best Friend by The Monks of New Skete.  It's a fantastic read.

From this book, I found so much great information on rescue dogs.  It talks about how novice dog breeders do not know how to properly care for their dogs and their litters, and thus the litters and parents many end up being taken to shelters.  The book says, "Since there is usually no way animal shelter personnel can socialize the great number of youngsters they receive, the puppies are usually neglected at a critical time."  It goes on to say, "...this makes for a very risky situation if you opt for selecting a pet from a shelter."

In the case that one decides to follow through with a shelter adoption, the book advises, "First, inquire with the shelter personnel about the background of the animal.  Did it live in a family?  Has it been exposed to children, noise, stairs, city life?  When you view the dogs themselves, try to 'read' each dog individually.  Remember that many dogs react aggressively if confronted with any barrier, such as a cage.  If you are interested in a particular animal, ask to take it for a walk on a leash, in a controlled area.  Remember that even though you may not get an accurate reading on the dog, since it is in a strange environment, with a strange person.  If the dog is overly aggressive, or shy, reconsider taking the dog.  Try to remain coldly objective."

The book also suggested ways to spot potentially positive signs when looking to take on a rescue with an unknown background, "If you are looking for a female and find an appealing one who has been spayed, chances are good that she came from a situation where the owners felt enough responsibility and concern for the animal to get her spayed.  This applies to the neutered male also."

I personally believe that all dog owners should read books to further educate themselves about dogs.  I also think those looking to get a dog should research breeds to find which would be most compatible with their lifestyle.  This includes things like knowing what type of job each breed is genetically designed for, and whether this instinct would be satisfied by what you can provide them.  Dogs that need lots of running are not good breeds for city dwellers that cannot get them the extensive exercise they need.  Ranch dogs need space to roam.  All dogs need different levels of mental stimulation, and providing this to them is vital! 

**Quotes all pulled from the book How To Be Your Dogs Best Friend, by The Monks of New Skete; Published by Little, Brown & Company; pp. 19-20

Monday, April 15, 2013

Elite K9 Solutions April Newsletter is Out!

Ericka is such a great trainer and she's full of helpful information.  Check out her April newsletter to find training tips, schedule of classes and deals on dog goodies!

Elite K9 Solutions April Newsletter

Friday, April 12, 2013

Bud's Progress and Small Set Back

Bud had a relapse in his aggressive behavior.  To be fair, we had unexpected visitors that caught him off guard.  Albert and Brutus were in the area with another friend of ours, Kevin, and stopped by for a surprise visit.  As they entered the house, Brutus came barging into the house with his exuberant puppy energy and startled Bud.  Bud barked at Brutus and corned him on the sofa.  Brutus was on his back, oblivious to this behavior not being playtime, while bud hovered over him, mouth shut, not letting him move.  Meanwhile, Brutus urinated on himself due to all the excitement.

Michelle was here and gave bud the "heel" command.  The first time she said it there was such a commotion that he probably didn't hear it.  Sure enough, on the second attempt at calling the command, Bud backed off and went into the heel position by her side.

These difficulties are why I sought out the help of a professional, Ericka, because this is not something we as pet owners can do on our own.  Sometimes we have to rely on the experts.

Other than this relapse, Bud has been doing fantastic.  The training sessions have really helped and we're looking forward to the next one!

Here's a picture of Brutus from after his neuter surgery.  It's hard to get a clear photo of him because he's always moving!

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Jan's new pack

Jan has had Emi since she was a puppy Emi loves coming here because I have a lot of dog toys.. Abbey is her new pack member. A friend of Jan pasted away leaving Abbey the cute Cocker Spainel without a home. Jan and her husband Dave adopted Abbey. Abbey came with  issues, Ericka Duggun helped Abbey cope with change of life.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Bud update

Bud is so good after. Ericka's boot camp. It hurt to have him away from me  for 2 weeks but I see how much he needed it. Every day I put the E- Collar on him . He know that the collar gives me control over him. I have had to press the black button, twice which  is just a little tapping nothing painful.  I press the button twice when he did not listen to a "Leave It " command. He gets one verbal reminder then he does not listen he gets the button pushed. Red button is set a bit stronger I have never had to use the red button.  Ericka's guidance made it possible for me to get control back so he wouldn't  be a bully to puppies and weaker dogs. Bud does not get to do that anymore and Bud is a happy camper  Bud is very sensitive and when I need to be the boss he goes off  to pouts in his crate for a short time. He always comes out for the ball play. Bud needs to know that he can still have tons of fun every day. I let him get away with bad behavior too long. You folks please work with a professional dog trainer before you do this, This E - Collar could do harm if used the wrong way. This is the last resort. Bud is doing great. He has a great life with me. I am lucky and grateful  to have this  goofy dog in my life.