Sunday, February 23, 2014

Bathroom Dogs

Most days I have other dog than my Bud.This day Jamie my helper had her two dogs over visiting  Pictured is what happens when I go to  the bathroom. I wonder what the dog are thinking? I wonder if they think I need company?

This day made me laugh. When I asked them what they wanted they started parking got really happy. So that's enough for me we love our dogs to be with us even in the bathroom! 

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Dogs Love Having Jobs

This picture shows cousin Holly doing a job that my Mom teaches all her dogs when they were puppies. Holly happens to be cousins with Jetta. Look at Holly how happy she is working. She also in the morning gets the newspaper and gets Mom's slippers.
Watching Holly I am reminded of Jetta they way Holly moves and is happy working.
Can you find a job for your dog? Jobs are like picking up their bowl or carrying their leash for going on a walk. It's easy if you make a game out of it.

Friday, February 14, 2014

My Funny Valentine

In this little video it is a reenactment of what Bud does for me every morning. At 5 in the morning he creeps in bed with me and does this. What a way to wake up. Dogs give us so much love and companionship. Happy Valentines Day!

I Wonder What He's Thinking?

Dogs spend hours of their days sleeping, waiting for something to happen. Bud does the worried look when his dinner time approaches. Does he think that I might forget to feed him? Jetta used to bring her bowl into whatever room I was in so she could reminds me suddenly. When my staff feeds him sometimes, actually, every time he gives me the look of you forgot to feed me. The look is most likely practiced while I am sleeping. Buddy boy I'm on to you.  

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Dirty Bud

This is how Bud looks every day after his swim. Notice how relaxed he is. Dogs really need to play hard to get their energy out so they have the sense of well being that people get after aerobic activity. Exercise is a huge factor in preventing unwanted dog behavior.

Monday, February 3, 2014

A teaser from sequel," Lessons From Jetta"

Batman Meets Bud is a story from the next book that I am trying to finish hopefully by next year to be in print. Writing a book takes plenty of time and work, but it has been fun. Here is a story for you to enjoy of Bud first meeting his best friend.

Bud Meets Batman
Mom has a new worker. I smell a dog scent on her. Her name is Jamie and she loves dogs. She gives me kisses. When I sniff, I try to find out more about this dog I smell on her. I don’t think it is a big dog, but whatever it is, it’s a boy. I just need to be around that scent to figure out what he is.
Mom says, “Buddy, today is the day I want you to meet Jamie’s dog. I don’t trust you to not jump on him, so I’m putting the bad collar on you so I’m in charge.”
Oh boy, I try to hide in my crate, but my crate is locked up and Jamie helps Mom. No fair—they’re ganging up on me.
            “Buddy, you are meeting this dog in the garage where you are in neutral territory.”
We go to the garage and mom opens the big door to the street where I see Jamie’s car.  Mom sits down on a chair in our garage and puts the gentle leader on me. Is this a test? I try to be a good boy, but sometimes I mess up. I see Jamie get something out of her car. What do I see? It looks like a small cat. It’s too small to be a dog. I watch Jamie walk over to us with something on a leash.  
            The thing just walks over next to me and sits down and he looks at me. I give him a sniff. He smells like a dog, but he looks like a bat or maybe a bunny or no maybe a bat? The thing is right next to me now. What are you? The thing smells like a dog. It is a dog I think?  Yes, it is a dog. He bowed down to invite me to play. Yes, I like this little guy. He growls like a big bad dog. He is a small dog, but he thinks he’s big dog. Oh Mom, I think I like this little guy. He wants to play like a big dog.
            We go into the house and I run to grab my big Kong toy and Batman hangs on to one end and I swing him around like my stuffed animals except he growls and barks. I like his company. I am so happy to have another dog in the house. Even though he looks like a bat, he barks and plays like a dog. I just know that we will be the best of friends. Jamie tells me that his name is Batman…how appropriate!
After that first meeting, Batman continued to visit and still does to this very day whenever Jamie is working. He gets in my crate to sleep next to me. When I sleep, he keeps me company and we sleep on my dog bed together in the living room, too. We play tug-a-war and Mom and Jamie laugh and laugh. He is strong for a small dog. Batman is in our pack now. Sometimes when he is leaving, Batman runs and hits the doggy door with his head when it’s closed for the cats. I tell him to be careful because he could knock himself out. We take care of each other.  I love him for his big dog attitude and because he looks like a bat and always has my back. We’re back to two big dogs in our pack again.