Thursday, June 26, 2014

Bud Loves My New Staff Amber

As you see Bud and Amber get along great. Amber has a service dog named Dewey that is a rat-terrier, chihuahua mix. We will hear about Dewey in another blog. Amber took Bud swimming today with Jamie, to see how she felt about him and she feels very comfortable with handling him at the bay, because I can't always be there with him. Aren't I good dog owner! My well-being is very tied into Bud's happiness, on the day he doesn't swim my good neighbor Dave takes Bud to the beach with Ginger and they play.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Bandit's Too Chose Encounter With Mama Deer

Bandit is my son's family dog. He lives with them in the country and he as dogs do, chases the deer. The other day, my son and his wife went on their daily hike.They heard their dog Bandit cry out in pain. Jennifer, his wife, jumped over a picket fence and ran down to the meadow to see what happened. She saw a very large deer on top of Bandit, who is only 25 pounds, as the deer was trampling him. Jennifer yelled as  loud as she could to scare off the deer. Bandit did not take to much of a beating but if no one was there Bandit would have killed. You see how small he is. If Bud was there he would have chased the deer off because they are friends.

So if you live or visit the country I recommend have you dog wear a collar with bells so the deer will
not be surprised. As for Bandit I'm glad that he didn't get hurt too bad. I have friends who live in the country and they use E-Collars to stop the dog from doing what dogs do by nature which is chasing critters off their land.

Monday, June 16, 2014

New Staff Sylvia and Her Dog Marley

I am pleased to have in my life Sylvia as one of my new helpers. I let her bring her dog Marley to work, Sylvia told me she got the dog as a puppy and the dog never got socialized. She carried her around like a baby, much to the dismay of Sylvia's children. Marley has never been taught the basics, such as sit, come, or stay. Now I told her we are going to teach her dog to be a dog, and Sylvia is ecstatic knowing the dog will be better balanced. When she comes to work her dog has to follow my house rules. You see, Marley has already learned sit and we are working on boundary and go to bed.

Marley shows signs of being overly dependent on Sylvia. Marley is a smart little dog but was never trained so became unbalanced, and is nervous without her mom. Sylvia didn't know any better, but she is a loving dog owner and we are working together to make this little dog more balanced. Oh good more blog material!

Monday, June 9, 2014

Bud Waiting For Ginger

This film is a short video of what Bud goes through waiting for Ginger, he gets so excited that he can't stand it! Dogs like routine and are creatures of habit, he does this whenever you say Ginger's name. Watch this little clip and giggle with me.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Mom's New Boo Boo

Last week I moved too fast into a chair for exercising and tipped the chair over with me in it. Bud heard me crash and came into the room to help me up, and I went on with my day. I just thought I had a bad bone bruise, the next day I swam with no pain and yet the day after swimming I realized something was seriously wrong. After a miserable night of no sleep I had an x-ray done. The x-ray showed a fracture on the tip of my shoulder blade, and four ribs fractured with it. Luckily the fracture didn't separate and are considered stable fractures. I find myself once again facing a long rehab. It's going to be eight weeks of down time for me; no swimming, no walking and no using the shoulder. I cried myself to sleep the first few nights. I miss my life! I miss my swim people, I miss my AA people, and the beach dogs that I used to see on a daily basis for loving and kisses. My strength is in knowing how to rehab. I have rehabbed every part of my body, so it seems... and yet have always come out of these rehabs stronger and more dedicated for health. My days are different now, because I am either on the bed or the sofa, but I have my Buddy Boy to give kisses and take my mind off the pain.

I am blessed with wonderful neighbors and loving friends who have carried me through these hard times. My main staff Jewel had to stop working for her health issues, but we are in communication almost every day. I recently hired two more wonderful women to help me out in my life. You'll be hearing about them in many blogs. Oh yes! They both have dogs.