Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Man Loves Mastiff

Several months ago on the way out of Costco I encountered this beautiful dog. Of course I stopped and had to met the her. The dog was so sweet and shy I didn't want to crowed her space. I moved my walker out of her sight because most dogs don't know what to except. The man gave me some of her favorite dog treats. She was gentle and had a very peaceful way about her. Of course I fall a little in love with most dogs I meet. Her sad story is that she was left in the pound when she was young with no information This man is my hero because he adopted this special needs dog.She is an English Mastiff, these dog cost a good amount of money to feed and care for. This breed HAS to be well  socialize  to have a change for a happy life. Their are very socialized when treated well but without this background sad endings come too often. 
Mastiff are an ancient noble breed that dates back to the Roman Empire. The were used as war dogs.
When Mastiffs are raised well, they are great family dog who will love and protect  their children and their homes. They are truly gentle giants. I love this breed.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Bud Loves Big Sticks

My sweet boy, Bud has always love big sticks. One time when he was younger he found a big log on the beach, that did at the beach he dragged that log all the way up the beach stairs and down the street with much difficulty he finally dropped it off to the side of the street so it wouldn't cause a accident. Bud gets his mind on doing something and he gets it done.  It was so cute I have a chapter in my new book, Lessons From Jetta.
Two years ago while staying at a ranch in the forest Bud would pull a limb off a tree and drag it around.   
On this day he dragged the log up a hill and was so wanting to bring it home with us. Look at how proud he is.