Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Buds' Face Cleaning Service

I am laying in my living room trying to watch a movie and Bud gets me a good one. Look at that long tongue!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Bud Feeling Better In Mom Garden

Bud is enjoying hanging out with me, in my yard with some,"Jetta Flowers." Jetta Flower is called Cinereum I don't know if I spelled the flower name correctly but the flower in the picture is a variety and the name of this flower is  called Senetti. I love playing in my flower garden. You see me still in a wheelchair. I have one more month of no walking. It's frustrating to not be able to be active. Bud has been my therapy dog; he makes me so happy.  Bud is the best friend and lover boy.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Bud Gets An Ear Infection

Last week, I noticed Bud shakin his head more often that usually. I know that Labs can be prone to problems with their ears because of the long ear flaps. The moisture doesn't dry up when no air gets in. Bud has had only one ear infection when he was one year old. Because, normally Bud gets in the water every day, I use drops in the ear that my vet recommends equal parts of water, rubbing alcohol and white vinegar after every swim. I didn't  think to treat his ears because of him not swimming. I cleaned his ears out and his right ear had stuff in it and was red. The vet checked him out and said that Bud did have a ear infection. The vet packed medication in his ears and we check him out in two weeks. March 1 is the same day that we see our Dr Schecter again. Bud is already feeling much better.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Things I do For Love

Bud is so handsome. We fall hopelessly in love with our dogs. I have not met a dog that I didn't think was beautiful. For my dogs, I give them something yummy everyday because most dog love to eat. Even when my dogs have had to watch there weight. I steam broccoli and carrots to feed with dry kibble. Bud eats California Natural with chicken. I feed him twice a day. Some dogs are feed once a day. But, I feed twice a day because dogs, LOVE  food. They lick there lips and when others are over they lick the other bowl to savor every last drop.I also give Bud a lot of fatty acids with his meal. I do this to prevent inflammation in his elbows and know right knee. I take them too. I give Bud a little Kefir, every morning and evening,when I drink mine. Kefir is good for digestion and bones. Bud gets raw bones at least once or twice a week. Have you watched your dog enjoying a bone. They are so into that bone. It fills me with joy to see my dog that happy.  Happy dog happy home. Please share with me your ways of showing your dogs how much you love them.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Stinky Bored Bud

Bud has been a little stinky of late more than before when he swam daily and got hosed off. I can't figure it out. I always wash his bedding twice a week. I love my home to smell clean because it is clean. I think that maybe Bud not swimming is a factor. Also the vet shared a tip.When he is wet I pour a small amount of artificial vanilla flavoring on him and  towel him off. When Jetta was with us she rolled on rotten carcasses on the beach when ever she could. You know that Service Dogs  have to smell nice when you have them in the public. Thank God that Bud never learned that trick  from my sweet girl.  I think there is no worse smell that a wet smelly dog. Try that trick with the vanilla is works great.

Monday, February 20, 2012

My Favotite Blanket According To Bud

My Favorite Blankets According to Bud

            I love my soft blankets. One of my favorite blankets is in my crate. When I was a baby, Mom rubbed the blanket on my Mother’s belly, so I wouldn’t miss her and my litter mates, too much at first. I loved her smell. I get in my crate and push my blanket around with my nose and scrunch it, so is perfect for my naps. On laundry day, Mom takes my blanket away to wash. Darn, I just get it right when my scent is getting good. She puts a different blanket down but, it’s not as soft as my special blanket. I love my soft, special blanket. I wait and wait, for my special blanket. Sometimes, I have to wait forever. I miss my cozy blanket. The day is  over and still no favorite blanket in my crate. The blanket in there now is okay but it’s not my favorite blanket. Oh well, bummer I miss my blanket. I will sleep tonight without my favorite blanket. Mom, I miss my blanket for my crate.
The next day mom brings my favorite blanket back. Yes, Mom thanks. She puts it in all neat again. I’ll messes it all right after I get it the way I want it. 
            “Buddy you get your blanket all messed up, I want you be cozy in your crate and not sleep on no padding for bones.”
            Heck Mom I like my way. I’ll just scrunch it up again before the next laundry day.
My other favorite big soft fluffy blanket goes on my dog bed. When she cleans it she puts other big blankets down but there not as big and fluffy as my favorite blanket. Its big and fluffy blanket is perfect for my nose dives after swimming. I rub my nose upside down and rub and flop over and make the water come out. I roll and roll and roll.  I see Mom smile.  

Sunday, February 19, 2012

I have be Budded

Having a white dog is like living in a lint factory.. He is brushed often and the fluff keeps coming and coming. We love Bud so much we don't care. He rubs up on people and the they get his white fluff. They don't care either. I tell them that they have been Budded!

New Man in Town

Introducing Jim, my new assistant, Bud loves him and I love him and so does his wife and dog. One of his jobs now is to walk Bud. Here you see him headed out for a walk, notice Bud's gentle leader, he hates the gentle leader but I use it to ensure that he wont chase anything. He ran and hid when he saw the gentle leader come out we had to coax him out of his crate.  It's nice to have a strong man holding on to the leash, especially right now, to ensure that Bud cannot take off and hurt himself after all of this work.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Moms First Walk With Bud

This is exciting Bud's recovery; the vet says to walk him five minutes every day.  Bud is doing so good at the end of the five minutes he looks a little bit sore on his hind leg which is normal. Dr Schechter and his staff have been fabulous.  I tend to be a nervous Nelly about Bud as well as many other things. We are on the mend and more to come later. Were shut-ins so it is very exciting to be able to get out of the house even for five minutes!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Bud And His Bunny

Bud is so bored in this picture, he is attacking his favorite bunny. He says, " I'm so bored, I don't watch TV, I don't read books. I'll just attack my bunny. I just want to play. I'm a dog. Let's play catch."

Friday, February 10, 2012

Sneaky Bud

Last week Bud found a way to get out of the doggie-door.Because he is so smart, we duck-taped the door closed. So here is Bud sniffing the door that he can't open anymore. He's bummed. He wants to break out of this hell-hole of a house with his mean Mom. 

Monday, February 6, 2012

Bud is back and playing; he's feeling his oats.

Bud is feeling like his old self again. He is so rambunctious, he just wants to play, play, play. For the next month, the vet still wants him to take it easy. But bud feels like hes ready for action. He is playing with the big balls that uncle Dan gave him. It gives him something interesting to do. I notice that he is still walking gingerly on the knee he hurt. The poor dog is getting nuttier because he wants to play. This little game in the living room makes him feel like a normal dog. He goes outside on a leash with someone keeping an eye on him. But he is sling-free! Bud's new trick is opening the doggie door on his own.  We are going to have to put duck tape on the doggie door so he doesn't get out. As for me, I have another month of down-time without walking. I'm happy for Bud's company. He is keeping me going.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

28 year in AA

Today is my anniverary of staritng my new life without alchol or drugs 28 years ago. Because I'm sober great events have come to pass for me. My dogs give me so much happiness. I  wrote this story about  AA from Bud's book.  My life has truly been blessed with love and joy, and gratitude. My sweet girl Jetta loved coming to meetings she mostly looked crumbs under the tables .When she retired she stepped aside for Bud to come with with me. This picture of our pack brings me to tears, but my trust in God helps me to know that together in heaven. Today Bud fills my heart with his love. Here is Bud story in his words about AA.

Mom love to go to AA  meetings. I'm special no other dogs get to come in the rooms.  The people love to see me. They all say oh what a handsome dog I am. After we all sit down its pretty boring so I just sleep. When I see Chad or Dan in a meeting I cry and when and wiggle so they take out of this boring place... It’s works every time. I want to play guys I am so bored just sleeping the day away. One we go outside they guys walks me around to sniff and sniff. Mom gets impatience with me  but these guys let me sniff and sniff.
            Back in to sleep and again. More boring stuff. Now it’s over. Yhee. Every body holds hands and prays. I like to pray too. I make a small sound and sing out. I am so happy it’s over I sing too the people voices.
  Mom says, “Bud is spiritual too. He prays too. Mom I sing and praying to get out of the room to have fun.