Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Things I do For Love

Bud is so handsome. We fall hopelessly in love with our dogs. I have not met a dog that I didn't think was beautiful. For my dogs, I give them something yummy everyday because most dog love to eat. Even when my dogs have had to watch there weight. I steam broccoli and carrots to feed with dry kibble. Bud eats California Natural with chicken. I feed him twice a day. Some dogs are feed once a day. But, I feed twice a day because dogs, LOVE  food. They lick there lips and when others are over they lick the other bowl to savor every last drop.I also give Bud a lot of fatty acids with his meal. I do this to prevent inflammation in his elbows and know right knee. I take them too. I give Bud a little Kefir, every morning and evening,when I drink mine. Kefir is good for digestion and bones. Bud gets raw bones at least once or twice a week. Have you watched your dog enjoying a bone. They are so into that bone. It fills me with joy to see my dog that happy.  Happy dog happy home. Please share with me your ways of showing your dogs how much you love them.

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