Thursday, February 2, 2012

28 year in AA

Today is my anniverary of staritng my new life without alchol or drugs 28 years ago. Because I'm sober great events have come to pass for me. My dogs give me so much happiness. I  wrote this story about  AA from Bud's book.  My life has truly been blessed with love and joy, and gratitude. My sweet girl Jetta loved coming to meetings she mostly looked crumbs under the tables .When she retired she stepped aside for Bud to come with with me. This picture of our pack brings me to tears, but my trust in God helps me to know that together in heaven. Today Bud fills my heart with his love. Here is Bud story in his words about AA.

Mom love to go to AA  meetings. I'm special no other dogs get to come in the rooms.  The people love to see me. They all say oh what a handsome dog I am. After we all sit down its pretty boring so I just sleep. When I see Chad or Dan in a meeting I cry and when and wiggle so they take out of this boring place... It’s works every time. I want to play guys I am so bored just sleeping the day away. One we go outside they guys walks me around to sniff and sniff. Mom gets impatience with me  but these guys let me sniff and sniff.
            Back in to sleep and again. More boring stuff. Now it’s over. Yhee. Every body holds hands and prays. I like to pray too. I make a small sound and sing out. I am so happy it’s over I sing too the people voices.
  Mom says, “Bud is spiritual too. He prays too. Mom I sing and praying to get out of the room to have fun.       

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