Friday, February 24, 2012

Bud Gets An Ear Infection

Last week, I noticed Bud shakin his head more often that usually. I know that Labs can be prone to problems with their ears because of the long ear flaps. The moisture doesn't dry up when no air gets in. Bud has had only one ear infection when he was one year old. Because, normally Bud gets in the water every day, I use drops in the ear that my vet recommends equal parts of water, rubbing alcohol and white vinegar after every swim. I didn't  think to treat his ears because of him not swimming. I cleaned his ears out and his right ear had stuff in it and was red. The vet checked him out and said that Bud did have a ear infection. The vet packed medication in his ears and we check him out in two weeks. March 1 is the same day that we see our Dr Schecter again. Bud is already feeling much better.

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