Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Hopeful Bud

Bud is a very good boy. He never begs at the dinner table. This picture of him is on a lunch break at the writers conference at Cuesta last month. He is hoping for dribbbles. Yes,I gave him a bite of some thing yummy. Good boys like to be spoiled sometimes. I'm bad. Look at that face!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Splass Warm Water Swiming For Dogs

Bud is a lucky pup. He gets to go to swim often with Chris Barrett at his favorite pool. Warm water is good for dogs after operations, injuries etc. Bud starts crying with joy when we drive down her street. Bud also swims in the bay or ocean. Swimming is good for Bud because of his EP. Elbows aren't quite normal. Being lean and swimming with keep him fit and healthy all his life. Bud's Mom. Buffy swam with him last weekend. The mother and son kissed to say hello. Buffy loves swimming too.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Book Faire At Misson Plaza

Sunday was a beautiful day at the Misson Plaza. I met nice folks who were enjoying the warm day. Bud went on his dog break with one of my young guys and Bud couldn't resit jumping the creek. He knows how to have fun. I loved meeting new friends.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Bud's Puppy Problem

I am pleased to report that, I now have a better understanding of Bud's puppy problem. After talking to several dog trainers and Lab breeders and an animal behaviorist, I see the problem. Bud senses an unbalanced dog. He is afraid that they are going to attack him. Bud's believes that the best defense is the offense. Having never had a male dog I have no experience to go on. I have started to help him overcome his fears in a safe place--in puppy classes with crazy pups. The other dogs only tip him off very occasionally and he acts like older dogs put the pup in his place. Bud is normally so mellow that these confrontations upset Bud. In class we bring close on leash to Bud to sniff him and I give him treats for not acting out. (Home bake liver with garlic.) I also tell Bud that I won't let him get hurt.When on the beach I made sure that I keep running and digging so his energy is drained. In time my trainer will meet us on the beach for finishing off the new wanted behavior.I tell that I have his back and that I'm in charge and we take care of each other. Bud is doing great. He is very social with other dogs and people.It took me awhile to really understand my Bud. You can see from his face that he a very sensitive boy. There is always hope with proper training.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Bud's Girl Friend Visits

Last year, Bud fell in love with a very, very cute, Chocolate Lab, Koda. Koda's owner Jim, met me and became friends who adored our Labs. When Jim had to travel for work I took care of Koda. Bud and Koda have fabulous fun together. The best part of this job is watching the dogs reunite with their pack leaders. After Koda goes home with Jim the house is much more boring for Bud. You can read about Bud's adventures with Koda in the sequel to Jetta' Journey.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Bath Time According To Bud

Bummer, it’s the end to a perfect play time at my beach. Mom makes me stand very still for the water torture. First, I have to stand here like an idiot waiting for her to get the water temp just perfect for dogs. Not too hot, not too cold, just a little less than frozen water. I don’t tell her that Labs meant for cold, cold water. She wants to make bath time less awful, so I won’t run into the house wet and full of sand and hide in my crate and say, no Mom not today. Thanks anyway, but not today.
Mom says, “I’m her very good,polite dog.”
I stand here thinking, about making a run for the door. I guess not, Mom has the hose out and she is ready. First, the blast from afar. I stand next to the front gate for this part of bath time. She sits in a chair 15 ft away. She is safer sitting down for this torture.
She yells “Bud turn to the other side.”
I turn. Boy, she goes crazy with hose. I stand her a take this dog abuse. Wait I need a drink of water. I’m a boy dog who likes biting the water. Now, she calls me over to her for the close up blast. This actually feels better. I won’t tell her.
Bud, she tells me, “At this close range, I can see those darn fleas that get on you at the beach, get washed away, especially when you roll and roll on the sand, good Buddy”
Okay, Mom I think that I am squeak clean now. Good towel game. Don’t forget the hip massage. I’m in the house to dry my nose on my fluffy blanket in the living room. I get water in nose when crash through those waves. Then, I go in the in the house run into Mom’s bedroom I jump on her bed and roll and roll.
After that, she always yells, “Buddy goes out of the house for your treat.”
Yeah, best time in the sun with a bone. Life is good.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Sept 3rd book signing at Lemos in Moro Bay

It is always great meeting other dog lovers. We made money for Woods. The staff at Lemos was wonderful to us. We have now to offer Jetta coffee mugs and Jetta sweatshirts. I would like to do more of these. Soon I hope in other stores.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Sat Book Signing At Lemos

Jetta lives on in her book. Saturday I will be in front of Lemos on Main street in Moro Bay from 12 until 3. I hope to sell books to give Woods some money. I will be happy to meet you. Jetta loved meeting her fans. I honor her by going on my life with Bud. Jettas's sequel has Bud's first 2 years.