Thursday, September 15, 2011

Bud's Puppy Problem

I am pleased to report that, I now have a better understanding of Bud's puppy problem. After talking to several dog trainers and Lab breeders and an animal behaviorist, I see the problem. Bud senses an unbalanced dog. He is afraid that they are going to attack him. Bud's believes that the best defense is the offense. Having never had a male dog I have no experience to go on. I have started to help him overcome his fears in a safe place--in puppy classes with crazy pups. The other dogs only tip him off very occasionally and he acts like older dogs put the pup in his place. Bud is normally so mellow that these confrontations upset Bud. In class we bring close on leash to Bud to sniff him and I give him treats for not acting out. (Home bake liver with garlic.) I also tell Bud that I won't let him get hurt.When on the beach I made sure that I keep running and digging so his energy is drained. In time my trainer will meet us on the beach for finishing off the new wanted behavior.I tell that I have his back and that I'm in charge and we take care of each other. Bud is doing great. He is very social with other dogs and people.It took me awhile to really understand my Bud. You can see from his face that he a very sensitive boy. There is always hope with proper training.

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