Monday, December 29, 2014

Eve's Happy Ending

Cocker Spaniels are very smart and love to work. Cockers are hunters by their DNA.They run through the most difficult terrain  to flush out game for hunter, As a pet you have to give them plenty of exercise.  Carol did  tell me that Eve likes to go across the street to chase the neighbors cat. That were her breeding is the reason, otherwise Eve is a happy Eve was a dog who wandered around Riverside and was found as a stray. The pound has a policy if a stray come the put her down.  Second Chance Recuse got her and saved her by hours away from from dieing. Carol one of my neighbors adopted her and now her life is sweet. When the pound picked her up she was pregnant. Many stray dogs are raped when the come in heet. Eve was moved to Santa Barbra and gave birth to four  darling pups. All the pups found homes. Eve is beautiful and she has the longest eye lashes I have ever seen on a dog.
Eve is a little shy at first but quickly she warms up to you. Carol walks Eve twice a day on our beach. Eve is very bounded to her new family.

Monday, December 15, 2014

Decan The Bernese Mountain Dog

There are not many of these dogs in my area so when I saw one I just had to meet him. These majestic beautiful dogs are a breed for herding and guarding. Their immense size makes the breed perfect and happy to work. I fell in love with this handsome sweetheart of a dog. He was two and still a puppy when he started digging with Bud. I couldn't hardly believe the size of his paws! Bernese Mountain dogs are from the Swiss Mountains and they are great on farms. They love to work. They pull carts and are used in rescues in the snow. They dig faster than men and are good at helping humans. The breed is docile and good with children, tolerating them climbing over them. Meeting Decan was a thrill. These dogs are amazing gentle giants. Ann, his person, promised to bring him back soon. I miss him. He had fun playing with Bud.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Safe Harbor Lab in San Diego

I love this organization. They twice gave me money to help with paying for Bud's two surgeries. Check them out and donate if you can, because without their help, I probably would not have had Bud as my Service Dog. They are dedicated people, who network throughout the country, helping Labs. Below is link to their home page. While you are there, take a look at the dogs they have up for adoption. Unfortunately, the older dogs are harder to place. If you have room in your heart and your home for another angel to come into your pack, consider something other than puppy.

Check them out. We love them.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Why Is Bud Digging?

My boy Bud is a loves digging. People at the bay look at him and ask this question every day. I tell them that dogs in the wild dig caves to live in. The caves give them shelter for danger and keep them warm in the winter and cool in the summer.  Dogs dig at the beach for fun. Dogs dig because of smelling food. Dogs dig to get out of their yard.

Bud has never dug in the yard. Dogs when they are bored dig in their yards. Digging is a workout. Bud is somewhat obsessed I think. He is the past broken toenails about 10 times. When I say to Bud "Boo Boo Toenail" he runs to his crate.  Look at Bud's face, he is very into digging. I should have named him Digger Bud! Have a great turkey day.

Friday, November 21, 2014

Marley On Top

Marley is so comfortable with Big Bud she sits on him in the back seat after Bud swam and dug himself tired. Bud just doesn't care!

Monday, November 17, 2014

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Bud Talks Back To All The Time!

This video is what my sweet boy Bud does every day he always has a lot on his mind.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Kelly's Pound Pup

Kelly works at my lawyer's office. My lawyer is a huge dog lover from way back so when Franti started getting out of Kelly's yard she had to let him come to work with her. Kelley found his in pound this darling was sick with kennel cough a common problem in animal shelters. It like a cold and is very easy passed from dog to dog. She nursed him back to health and she told me that EVERY ONE wants to take him home with them. Kelley is love and Franti is very much in love with her. I love seeing love stories have happy endings.

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Boy's Day At The Bay

One of my new staff brought her Golden Retriever, Cleveland to play with Bud at the bay. You can see how much fun  they had. Both breeds are diffidently water dogs good for hunting and retrieving  Retrievers are happy doing what they were breed to do These dogs are born with a strong desire to retrieve. They played well. Cleveland barked at Bud because of Bud's major digging. Bud digs every day on our early Cayucos beach walks and when Bud swims at the bay. Look at how happy these dogs are. they are doing what they were breeds do.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Who's Hiding In My Bed?

I think it must be Marley, on one of her visits I thought she was too cute to not share. Chihauhau's have huge  personalities, you see hiding in my bed she now gives me kisses, kisses, kisses.

Her visits make me happy to see this little cutie pie! 

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Bud In The AM

Every morning before I leave the house I have to do my floor exercises. Here is what my boy Bud does. It's so rude but one day I laughed and now it is a part of his routine. Bud do you think that your bark is loud enough?

Friday, October 17, 2014

The Perfect Sign

I saw this and just had to buy it. It tells how we all dog people feel! ! Now go kiss and love up your dog.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Missing Ackerman

When I see my other handsome sweet dog, Ackerman the Boxer on our beach it's a kissing moment. Ackerman is 4 yrs old and I used to see him everyday while running with his person Bob. I like that Bob knew that that daily long run would cause trouble in the future for Ackerman. I see dogs running with their people but most dogs in the wild don't run just for the fun of running. Ackerman still gets his fun time at the beach. I LOVE THIS DOG!

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Sneak peek of my next book, Lessons From Jetta--Bud's first story

Bud: My New Home
My new mom, Denise, named me Big Bud Jr. because she missed her dad and wanted me to have his good name. Donna, my breeder, told Denise that a dog named Buddy sired me. 
Mom said, “Bud, you have an important job to learn to be my Service Dog.”
My new home is far away from my birthplace. I already like it better because it’s cooler here. That other place was so hot that I had to dig in the mud to stay cool. I won’t have to do that here. I am joining Jetta’s house and pack. My new yard smells of other dogs and cats. It also smells of the ocean. I love my new flower bed in the front yard—with wet little flowers to lie on just for me. Jetta is too big to fit here but I can tell she wishes she could lie here too. Jetta looks at me and sniffs and then goes into the house.  My new mom puts me down in the soft flowers. I like this spot. It is a perfect place for my first puppy nap.
Because the big yard is all fenced in, my new mom doesn’t have to worry about my getting lost. When I wake up, Mom and Jetta give me a tour to show me that  I have sunny places and shady places to sniff. In the back yard, I see a waterfall. I can hide between the plants and flowers. I stand in the water and have a drink. Hey, is this my swimming pool? I follow Mom and Jetta to see our big willow tree. Jetta loves the shade from this tree. I find a willow branch on the ground and chew a piece. Hmm, interesting. No, I change my mind and spit it out. Jetta shows me the rest of our yard where I smell more cats. I don’t see them.  I saw an old cat at my other home. Cats don’t like me much.
            Now Jetta shows me her favorite place: I see her go behind a bamboo tree and disappear. She is covered up with leaves and more leaves. Jetta’s place is too big for me. I love my place in the pretty flowers in the front yard. That’s my spot.
This is a nice place for dogs.  In my new house, I have a shiny new bowl and buckets full of water. I try to climb up to the water, but I’m not big like Jetta so Mom gives me my own water bowl. I have a new crate, too. Jetta has lived here for a long time. She is going to help me to be a good boy. Mom needs me to learn from Jetta how to be a Service Dog, whatever that means. All I know is that I will love my new home near the beach. I know that my new Mom loves me.
 Dinner time is good. After dinner, I go potty outside, and Mom puts me in the crate with the blanket that she rubbed on my mother’s belly. I love this scent. Jetta sleeps with Mom, but I get put in this bad crate. It’s dark now and I cry and cry. Nobody’s coming to save me. I cry more.
 When I wake up in the morning, I get carried outside to go potty. My new mom is all excited at what a good boy I am.  Then Mom gets busy in the kitchen. I walk around my house, looking for something to chew. I see a chair with soft foam padding on the arms. I bite into it. No taste. I spit it out, but it feels good on my puppy teeth. I take another bite and swallow. I take more bites.
I hear Mom say, “Oh, dear, Buddy. What did you do?”
Oh, boy. I’m caught in the act. I give my cute pup look and she melts.
“Oh, Buddy,” she says, “I can’t get mad at you. You’re just being a puppy.”
I lick her face. I like my new home.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Sweet Dreams

Bud has a great life with me. Bud makes people smile all the time when they watch him in action. This picture was taken years ago but I came across it today looking for blog topics, and I had to share it. This morning he made 23 kids smile while I swam at Cal Poly. He stops traffic. Most every day where ever we go folks take his picture. He know every morning when
watches me do some exercises on the floor in my bedroom and he gets next to me and rubs his body as if too make me hurry so we can go to our beach sooner. He is very persuasive. I love living with this dog. He makes my life full of love and gratitude. Thank you God for creating this perfect lover of a dog.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

I Fall In Love With Every Dog I Work With

When I first met Marley a 10 year old Chihuaha I knew she was a little mixed up about her life as a dog because her life was one of a baby. Well meaning and very loving owner Slyvia didn't know dog how to social her dog. Marley was very challenging for a while until I worked with clicker training with her and Bud helped show how to be a dog. The first time I walked her at the walkway where Bud swims I had to drag her. She was not happy at all. When Sylvia started taking her on walks she was a happy girl, and pic of me over her kissing her shows how much trust she has. . 

Marley Has A Change Of Heart

Look at Marley the 10 old dog who has not too affectionate with Bud for a long time.Bud was afraid of her.  Look now she is so into him. She used to have 2 small dogs when she was a pup lick her ears. Now she asked Bud to lick her ears. She is not going be around for awhile because of her mom Sylvia is going out of the area for a bit. We miss her. Marley has changed so much when she 2 months ago came to my in Sylvia's arm and she shook and growled at Bud and wouldn't even look at me.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Too Much Fun On Her Job

Shown here is a day in the life on one of my helpers. Syvlia  on this day had to wade in the water to get Bud's toy because he found a ball and didn't want to swim for his toy so I yelled down as a joke to her that she would be fired if she let his new toy drift away. I love her and I thought she knew my sense of humor!  The day was fun for all. That's the one of the reason to play with your dog on a regular basis because you never really know what's going to happen. And that's another to read my first book. Jetta's Journey.  US HUMANS NEED TO LAUGH AT OURSELVES MORE!

Friday, August 29, 2014

Ginger's Moods

Ginger won my heart years ago when Bud fell in love with her. She lives each day to the fullest despite her medical problem of Canine Lupus. Ginger plays hard every day with boundless energy,  she runs circles around her best dog friend Bud. Watching our dogs at play gives us the ultimate joy.
Ginger is so dramatic with her experiences. Most happy with her toys that she plays with every day. The sad look is for Dave her special person because he told her that she had to get out of the sunlight. The sun is the worse thing for her Lupus. Look at that face. She melts my heart!

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Cheap Fun

Bud got and new toy and new tennis balls. Early on his special Bud swam and then we played with his new ball; look at that obsessed dog. Labs love play with balls. It takes so little to please them. Of course he got a bone.
Today was a good dog day. 

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Bud Says That Little Dog Scares Me!

Bud thinks that Marley will hurt him. She is a 10 yr old Diva. This is one of the reasons that Labs are the most popular breeds in the USA ! 

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Bud Wants It His Way

Bud has 2 dog beds in the living room because I'm a nut because I want him to have good support because of his aging body; his vet told me that Bud, because of the rod in his right rear knee from the blowing his knee out a couple years ago could cause him pain.

memory foam and the other fiber fill. He uses both. Shown here is Bud rearraging the blankets that put on very nice and smooth. Bud likes the blankets this way.  He is the diva of the house! 

Marley Is A Bed Hog Accordding To Bud

Recently we went to visit at Sylia's home in the country. Marley the 7  pound Chihuahua scared Bud off his dog beds. Marley took over Bud's beds. Shown in the pictures you see Marley all cozy and Bud not to happy. He wanted me to save him. Look at the body language. Oh Bud you're too nice sometimes.