Thursday, February 23, 2017

Gracie update

Gracie has been so good. she has not bit me in a while.. even though she has tried. We have upped her prozac to one whole pill a day. She will probably always have issues because she was abandoned on the streets of LA and was abused. You can't feel sorry for her though because they sense it and will take advantage of you.. gotta treat her like a big dog. She is still working on boundary training.. she won't stay out of the kitchen where the food is when new staff are working. She really tests them and will walk all over them. Terriers are stubborn little creatures by nature and feisty. This particular day she was so good that I took a picture of her in my pretty scarf. She is too darn cute.When get on the or when i have company she puts herself between me and the other person  When I have fallen she stay right next me so we are touching.When the bark collar is on her, if she barks then she runs into crate.I hate that collar but sometimes I use it. She know when that bad collar is on she should not bark. She is super smart.  She car rides, and her several walks a day. Also she love to be massaged She get so relaxed she leans on my body. 

She is waiting to be fed, you can't trust her around food

Saturday, February 18, 2017


One night last week I looked over at Bud, where he is always sitting on his throne ( the love seat in my living room). He must have been tired. I have never seen him sit like this. Bud wanted to come see me but he was too tired and being lazy. I was only about 5 feet away, if that. He needed my senior alert.

Once he finally came over to see me.. he needed the pillows on his tired head.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Valentine Day

Today is a day for lovers, and who does not love their dogs. My lucky pups get bones and lots and lots of loving every day. My Valentines Bud and Gracie. Gracie's middle name is Angelina because I can finally handle her without her biting me. She is a very sweet dog after Prozac. She is cranky in the morning before her coffee like I am, just like mom. Bud is such a knuckle head, he doesn't  change. I wake up to these dogs in my bed every morning. They are my Valentine's.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Gracie still thinks she is starving on the streets of LA

The other day I saw her doing this. I thought it was so cute. I probably had one cranberry fall back there. She smelled food. She lied there like that for a long time. She knows how to find food. Yesterday, I was getting my breakfast. I got the dried prunes out and I eat three. I took three out of the bag, Two fell before I could do anything. She got them before they hit the ground. She swallowed them whole. Unbelievable. She is a survivor.
 Bud stood there like, What just happened. Bud was thinking where is mine, This is not fair, she is a brat. I told him "you get the egg yolk". All in a day with a pack. I love having my pack around me.