Friday, August 30, 2013

Tired Bud

While on our visit to my son's place we noticed that Bud disappeared. Jen my daughter -in -law  good naturally snapped this picture of my dog. She was not upset about Bud climbing on her beautiful new sofa. Bud thinks he is human. He missed his sofa at home. I thank God that he was not wet and dirty! 

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Bud Out Of His Mind

Pictured here is an over stimulated Bud.One this picture you see how Bud and a  lot of Labs, I guess dogs get when they are tired and acting rudely for example I see it all the time and it makes me nuts  when your sweet obedient pup starts demanding that you throw the, frizbe or stick right then, when the dog jumps on or in Bud's case barks so loud that it hurts your ears. Well  At this time he was starting to be demanding and rude. Shorty after the picture I told Bud to stop playing and to chill. Shortly after this his was sleeping. It reminds me of a young child gets cranky when their are tired and they have a sense of what to do. Your are the parent of your dog, you set the rules. 

Bud Gets Help

Monday, August 19, 2013

Bandit's Story

 Last year my son rescued this cute sweet pup. He is a Miniature Australian Shepherd; this little guy was the runt of the littler. He was neglected and not worked with because he was not good enough for showing or breeding. When my son's family saved him.  He was very shy and nervous around people. He to this day, doesn't like to be picked up or handled a lot. The pictures I took of him show how happy he is in the country. He is looking for his kids. Bandit herds the chicken and the ducks. He often hangs out under Rylie's, my grandaughter's chair during meals. He knows  who drops food or maybe she is careless thinking of her dog. Bandit is a tough dog. He survived getting kicked by a deer and bit by gophers, he was trying to play, and a neighbor dog attacks and sadly gopher bait. Bud and Bandit are good friends. Bud wants to come to visit more ofter so he can swim in his own private and watch Bandits back.  Bandit stole my heart.....we wanted to bring him home with us but my grand kids would miss him too much. Bandit lives the good life now herding his chicken, ducks and children. He has made the family happy. Bandits does his job well.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Visit To The Country

Recently I visited my son Matt and his family. Jennifer his wife and
children Hudson 10 years and Rylie 7 years and their their dog Bandit 3 years old. They live in the country on 4 acres. There is a pond! Bud loved swimming in his own private pond with 3 ducks that Hudson raised from eggs.
More adventures to come.