Monday, March 31, 2014

Got Tounge!!

Look at these happy, nutty, dogs. Bud and Ginger have too much together in their morning romps. We see her most every morning with her person Dave.  The dogs go a little nutty we they get together. Both dogs are smiling and getting a workout that makes them glad to be dogs. We love to see our dogs this happy. Watching these dogs reminds me of watching the 3 stooges in action but there's 2 crazy nutty dogs.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

My Tips To Having My House Smell Good

I like my house to smell fresh and I love living with dogs. Here's some suggestions that work for me.The picture is my assistant Jamie. After Bud swims he get's hosed off and then he gets a cup of white vinagar and more water and then I drop a small amont of artificial vanilla flavoring (not the real stuff). I rub that in his coat and then towel dry. The treatment works great and Bud loves the pampering. I wash his bedding once a week and his dog nest cover. Once a month Bud gets a full bath with oatmeal shampoo and a nice conditioner.
If you think I'm nutty you're right but my house smells nice and I get to be around dogs every day . Jamie's dogs Robyn and Batman come over every day. We also have Ginger, a very frequent visiter, and Holly and Scooby.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Budzilla Came Back To Visit

My sweet Bud can be a brat. Last week while swimming he had a slip that makes him jump on innocent sweet dogs for no reason other that they are young. He never bites them. He tries to pin and release them. He's being a bully. Bud had to go to my dog trainer Ericka Duggan's
boot camp to be trained with E-collar. I know that sounds bad but it feels like a little static. When Bud gets over excited he is tired and when he is tired he can forget his manners, Bud just needed a reminder. The picture is one of Bud when he is ready to lose his mind. Watch out for Budzilla!

Friday, March 14, 2014

The Gang's All Here

This night I keep Jamie's 2 dogs while she went to a night class. Her dogs love sleeping on my pillows. The night of the picture I did my normal routine turning the lights off and heading to bed and when I got to my bedroom all the dogs were waiting for me. It's so nice to sleep with dogs even small 7 pound dogs. The Gangs All Here !!

Friday, March 7, 2014

The Things I Do For Love

One of the things I do for love for Buddy is a ritually of steaming vegetables for him to have with his good kibble. His dog food is balanced and has vegetable in it but I love steaming broccoli,carrots, cabbage, yams, zucchini and cut up apples or spinach. Bud loves his vegetables. I steam the carrot and yams longer to keep raw them soft but not to mushy. Broccoli about 3 minutes and the I take the out of the steamer so they are not too soft. He hates over cooked veges. Actually I hate overcooked veges. I put the steamed veges in a big bowl until cold, then I put them in freezer bags in service size for a few days. This way I save time during my busy days and then I get to see Bud happy face when I take them out to give him with his kibble. Bud pays me with kisses. The whole process takes about 20 minute twice weekly. About 3 -4 times a week I eat egg whites and then I give Bud my egg yolks. I also give him fatty acids from cold water fish. And one more thing I do for Bud is when I buy meat spare ribs and cut them so one bone for his teeth to keep them clean white. I also now use a drop in his water bucket of a liquid that helps the tarter from building up one his teeth. Really do you think I spoil my dog?I just can't help loving him so who care if I spoil him. I know that he is a knuckle head but he's my knuckle head. I love feeding him he gets so happy. I love to make him happy. He is a joy to watch and we all need more joy in our lives don't you think?  I need add one more important rule is to never let you dog get overweight it shortens their life.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Buds' Look

In this picture Bud trying to work me about food. He is obeying my rule of "Boundary,"
 meaning stay out of kitchen. I see practicing him this look when he doesn't think I'm watching.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Morning Rubs Bud

Every morning my boy Bud does this rub. Maybe he has sleep in his eyes? When he leaves the room he is trying to have me follow him into the kitchen for his breakfast. What a lucky woman I am to wake up to this every day!