Wednesday, March 26, 2014

My Tips To Having My House Smell Good

I like my house to smell fresh and I love living with dogs. Here's some suggestions that work for me.The picture is my assistant Jamie. After Bud swims he get's hosed off and then he gets a cup of white vinagar and more water and then I drop a small amont of artificial vanilla flavoring (not the real stuff). I rub that in his coat and then towel dry. The treatment works great and Bud loves the pampering. I wash his bedding once a week and his dog nest cover. Once a month Bud gets a full bath with oatmeal shampoo and a nice conditioner.
If you think I'm nutty you're right but my house smells nice and I get to be around dogs every day . Jamie's dogs Robyn and Batman come over every day. We also have Ginger, a very frequent visiter, and Holly and Scooby.

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