Friday, March 7, 2014

The Things I Do For Love

One of the things I do for love for Buddy is a ritually of steaming vegetables for him to have with his good kibble. His dog food is balanced and has vegetable in it but I love steaming broccoli,carrots, cabbage, yams, zucchini and cut up apples or spinach. Bud loves his vegetables. I steam the carrot and yams longer to keep raw them soft but not to mushy. Broccoli about 3 minutes and the I take the out of the steamer so they are not too soft. He hates over cooked veges. Actually I hate overcooked veges. I put the steamed veges in a big bowl until cold, then I put them in freezer bags in service size for a few days. This way I save time during my busy days and then I get to see Bud happy face when I take them out to give him with his kibble. Bud pays me with kisses. The whole process takes about 20 minute twice weekly. About 3 -4 times a week I eat egg whites and then I give Bud my egg yolks. I also give him fatty acids from cold water fish. And one more thing I do for Bud is when I buy meat spare ribs and cut them so one bone for his teeth to keep them clean white. I also now use a drop in his water bucket of a liquid that helps the tarter from building up one his teeth. Really do you think I spoil my dog?I just can't help loving him so who care if I spoil him. I know that he is a knuckle head but he's my knuckle head. I love feeding him he gets so happy. I love to make him happy. He is a joy to watch and we all need more joy in our lives don't you think?  I need add one more important rule is to never let you dog get overweight it shortens their life.

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