Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Boys On Guard

Last week my son's came for a sleep over. Pictured is Bud and Bandit hanging out doing a fine job of guarding my yard and house. I rest easy knowing these boys are protecting me. What would we ever do without our dogs??

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Marley Make Progress

Ever since I first met my staff Sylvia's Chihuahua, a 10 year old non-socialized dog, I have been working hard for Marley to trust me. The first week she would not look at me. Then I worked my magic with clicker training and the second week she looked at me but I still could not hold her. Third week she was running to me and happy to take food from me and finally last week she let me pet her, and then she started giving me kisses. Marley spent the night with us last night when Sylvia left town. After Sylvia left her, Marley had a minor very expected set back for a few hours. I just let her pout and then Amber came to work with Dewey as I thought that would help was something to see, the two small dogs played like dogs. This is the first time that Marley has played like a dog and now the dogs are great friends. Last night another miracle is Marley got in bed with me and snuggled!!! And in the morning pooed in my office. She let me know that she is a 10 old diva. Sylvia can't believe what a change from being carried everywhere and treated like a baby she has made. Marley is now a dog. The other day when I left the  room where I put a dish of treats and clicker Marley snuck in and ate all the treats..She later said Jetta made me do it.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Amber's service dog comes to visit

Dewey is a Rat Terrier/Chihuahua, who is 6 years old, who works for Amber, he takes good care of her, by alerting her to her anxiety attacks before they happen. She got him when he was 8 months old from the shelter and he was a serious mess, fear aggressive towards shadows, people and just about everything. But at a year old he started alerting her on his own, by what is called "grounding" (obsessively nudging and licking when an anxiety attack is about to happen). Still he could not become a service dog immediately because of all of his issues, so Amber worked with him for about a year until he could be considered good enough to pass the CGC and get his gold tag.

For their first meeting Bud jumped on him because Bud sensed his Alpha posturing. After that they went for a walk together and now are fine together. Boys will be boys. Dewey is a high energy dog and he is a lover and he wants to be a lap dog when not working.

Friday, July 4, 2014

Surving 4th Of July In Cayucos

As a dog owner living in Cayucos   every 4th of July brings major challenges in regard to keeping  peace in the house.When Jetta was alive she slept through all the noise and crowds. I live on a corner lot with fencing and trees and shrubs to make my yard more private but Bud still hears them. In the past I got up earlier than usual to go to the beach to exercise the dogs before total mayhem started.
Bud started barking,as dogs do early because of the more people and cars passing by. Bud is a very serious guard dog. He takes offense to the danger he hears. This is hard to stop because he is doing his job.

So my staff for today is Amber, her first on my list for today was to swim Bud. Exercise helps dogs relax. Also I play my favorite tunes so I do not focus on the annoying sounds of crazy crowds. I am happy the visitors have fun and then just go home. 

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Bud Too Tired

Bud still at almost seven years young plays like a puppy. Now that I am injured I miss out on all the fun my boy has been having while my life is one of rest, rest and more rest. My bones are healing, I get impatient. But time heals all wounds. Most days Bud goes to play on the beach with his favorite dog, Ginger with her person Dave. He also goes swimming at the bay. Bud has a life that dogs love. Bud needs his play time. In this picture you see that Bud is too tired to move. Happy dogs are tired dogs. Bud gives me love and kisses all day. I am blessed.