Friday, July 4, 2014

Surving 4th Of July In Cayucos

As a dog owner living in Cayucos   every 4th of July brings major challenges in regard to keeping  peace in the house.When Jetta was alive she slept through all the noise and crowds. I live on a corner lot with fencing and trees and shrubs to make my yard more private but Bud still hears them. In the past I got up earlier than usual to go to the beach to exercise the dogs before total mayhem started.
Bud started barking,as dogs do early because of the more people and cars passing by. Bud is a very serious guard dog. He takes offense to the danger he hears. This is hard to stop because he is doing his job.

So my staff for today is Amber, her first on my list for today was to swim Bud. Exercise helps dogs relax. Also I play my favorite tunes so I do not focus on the annoying sounds of crazy crowds. I am happy the visitors have fun and then just go home. 

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