Monday, September 27, 2010

My embarrasment 9/26/10

Last Friday I went to a doctors appt. I took my younger dog Bud with me, Jetta stayed home because of the heat. Heat with an older dog doesn't mix. Bud is great in public but still more of a pup than Jetta was at that age. The doctor is a dog lover and when we get to his office the doctor rolls around on the floor playing with Bud. It's a sight to see. Of course I released Bud. Dogs make people happy. I sold two books there. Then we drove to another town. My helper drove because I'm carless now. In the confusion, I forgot the most important rule: always give the dog an opportunity to relieve himself before going into any place. Bud drank water when we got out of the car. Bud had never been to this beauty shop. The hairdresser has 3 small dogs that hang out on a sofa. Bud walked in and came face to face with these little dogs. The middle one showed Bud her teeth. Bud stepped away from the confrontation, walked several steps and squatted and urinated on an Oriental rug. Gosh, I couldn't believe I forgot to let him pee before going indoors. Bud always lets me know when he needs to go! Was my face red. I had a lesson in being here now...
Love, Denise

Friday, September 24, 2010

How I Managed to Train 2 Service Dogs

I know that I am crazy to raise and train another service dog on my own, especially with my being 10 yrs older and my disability. The truth of it is that I have had my friends and my community helping out all along. The fine men of the Lyon's Club built my beautiful fence around my yard when Jetta was a puppy and they also paid for my new pup Bud. Another friend gave me money to buy Bud also, but that money went to his training since he was already paid for. My friends from Aquanetics raised money for his training also.
When I sadly found out about Bud's elbow displacia when he was 7 months old, his surgery was paid for by an Angel Fund from UC Davis, because he was a service dog (and they fell in love with him and Jetta, too). Harbor Labs and other non-profit organizations also donated to the prayers were answered. The vet said that Bud would be able to be a service dog even with his displacia, and that I would just need to keep him lean, and swim him a lot, which of course he loves, (and Jetta gets to swim, too, keeping her legs strong). One of my goals of Jetta's book is to help to encourage people to find ways to have their dogs have a full enriched life by training them so they can really fit in with their families and be able to be with them as much as possible. It's tons of work but the joy of teaching your dog to help you is very rewarding. The dogs love it too. Let me know about any of your needs, so I can try to help find answers. And you can share your tales about your own pups here, too.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


The book fair was a blast! Jetta was in her glory, she worked the crowds and worked the crowds, she was a diva. Everybody I met there was so nice and I forget how much I enjoy meeting people. I am so excited I can barely stand it. I've been busy networking, since I can't go out and pound the pavement (since I pounded the pavement with my head a month ago!)...but that's life, you gotta roll with it. Jetta and Bud have been having their beach time, they go swimming. I do this because it's really important for old girl Jetta to keep strength in her hindquarters. They go to a special warmed pool for about pampered pets! I'm finding that I have to train Bud totally differently than Jetta: He is Mr. Sensitive. But he's doing quite well considering I haven't been able to work with him a lot lately. To drain his energy, we do games at the house to keep him mentally stimulated and happy. It's time for their dinner and Jetta's barking at me; she began doing this since she retired, to let me know she's starving, a very impatient girl, can't wait to be fed. Jetta met her brother at the book fair - they could have cared less about each other...that's families for you. Much love, Denise, Jetta and Bud.

Thursday, September 16, 2010


Tell me about your dogs. I love dogs and never get tired of hearing and learning more about them. I am blessed to be able to have my dogs with me on my daily activities. Jetta's life is different now since her retirement. I miss her when I'm working with my younger dog Bud. When I come home Jetta and I have our celebration of love. She wiggles and groans like a pup. I always bring her something yummy like a marrow bone or favorite vegetable. I let her ride along when the weather is nice. Not too hot or cold. She gets to work for me once a week, like sleeping in my gym while I work out. She is so proud to come out of retirement, she remembers where one of the staff used to keep cookies for her....the woman no longer works there but Jetta goes to her office to the desk and to the same drawer. She makes everybody happy.
This blog site is for you to tell things about your beloved dogs. Denise & Pack

Monday, September 13, 2010

Jetta's Journey Debuts Sunday - Mission Plaza SLO

Meet Jetta at Mission Plaza on Sunday September 19th!

Jetta and the human she cares for will be there! Jetta will be inscribing books with her special paw print!

You may also meet Isobel Hoffman whose charming illustrations introduce the chapters in Jetta's story, depicting Jetta's adventures as she learns to care for and protect her owner.

For further information, contact publisher, Billie Johnson Oak Tree Press

Telephone: 217 824 6500

Monday, September 6, 2010

Jetta's Journey ~ Life and Times of a Service Dog

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