Monday, September 6, 2010

Jetta's Journey ~ Life and Times of a Service Dog

Hi Denise...welcome to your blog!  I will be sending you a link by email. Follow the instructions with the link and you will be able to post your thoughts whenever you wish!!


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  2. Hi Jetta,
    I loved seeing you at the Author and Book Festival in San Luis Obispo! It was great visiting with you again and hearing your story. You looked happy and beautiful that day. I look forward to seeing you again soon. Emi Lou

  3. Jetta ((and Bud)) it was so good to be with you & Denise ((and Jan + Emi)) for your big day. It was a little warm and hard to stay in the sun. Your story will be so helpful to others who love dogs, need help and can't always do as much for themselves as they wish they could. Everyone needs a loyal soul like you to make us feel more safe and secure in the world.
    Hugs & cookies
    dave & emi

  4. My friend in Wyoming emailed me when she received your book in the mail. She loved it, read half that evening and the rest the next day. She can't wait for her elementary-age son to read it. She said to tell you thank you for writing it.

  5. Happy Birthday, Jetta! I had a great time at your party. Thanks for inviting me. Your Mom, Denise, makes the best turkey cake with mashed potato frosting I've ever had. I hope my Mom will make it for my party next year. Thanks for being my friend all these years.