Monday, September 13, 2010

Jetta's Journey Debuts Sunday - Mission Plaza SLO

Meet Jetta at Mission Plaza on Sunday September 19th!

Jetta and the human she cares for will be there! Jetta will be inscribing books with her special paw print!

You may also meet Isobel Hoffman whose charming illustrations introduce the chapters in Jetta's story, depicting Jetta's adventures as she learns to care for and protect her owner.

For further information, contact publisher, Billie Johnson Oak Tree Press

Telephone: 217 824 6500

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  1. Denise and Billie: Congratulations on a terrific 'release' party today! Loved meeting you Billie and thank you for having faith in this wonderful story and it's potential be inspiring as well as entertaining across the ages. We are spreading the word and are confident of seeing Jetta's story in many homes around this country. Blessings, Dave M