Thursday, September 16, 2010


Tell me about your dogs. I love dogs and never get tired of hearing and learning more about them. I am blessed to be able to have my dogs with me on my daily activities. Jetta's life is different now since her retirement. I miss her when I'm working with my younger dog Bud. When I come home Jetta and I have our celebration of love. She wiggles and groans like a pup. I always bring her something yummy like a marrow bone or favorite vegetable. I let her ride along when the weather is nice. Not too hot or cold. She gets to work for me once a week, like sleeping in my gym while I work out. She is so proud to come out of retirement, she remembers where one of the staff used to keep cookies for her....the woman no longer works there but Jetta goes to her office to the desk and to the same drawer. She makes everybody happy.
This blog site is for you to tell things about your beloved dogs. Denise & Pack


  1. Denise! I am so proud of you! You are a champion marketer! And Jetta is a perfect divs!

  2. you 6 days away from being 11 yrs old and the second half of her life she has been your friend, come for visits when her mom was working with your mom on the book; come to your birthday parties at the beach house; listened to her mom talk to your mom for hours instead of going for walks or to the park to play.
    I'm hoping to be well enough to have a party when my folks get back from a trip.