Wednesday, September 22, 2010


The book fair was a blast! Jetta was in her glory, she worked the crowds and worked the crowds, she was a diva. Everybody I met there was so nice and I forget how much I enjoy meeting people. I am so excited I can barely stand it. I've been busy networking, since I can't go out and pound the pavement (since I pounded the pavement with my head a month ago!)...but that's life, you gotta roll with it. Jetta and Bud have been having their beach time, they go swimming. I do this because it's really important for old girl Jetta to keep strength in her hindquarters. They go to a special warmed pool for about pampered pets! I'm finding that I have to train Bud totally differently than Jetta: He is Mr. Sensitive. But he's doing quite well considering I haven't been able to work with him a lot lately. To drain his energy, we do games at the house to keep him mentally stimulated and happy. It's time for their dinner and Jetta's barking at me; she began doing this since she retired, to let me know she's starving, a very impatient girl, can't wait to be fed. Jetta met her brother at the book fair - they could have cared less about each other...that's families for you. Much love, Denise, Jetta and Bud.


  1. Denise and Billie: Congratulations on a terrific 'release' party today! Loved meeting you Billie and thank you for having faith in this wonderful story and it's potential be inspiring as well as entertaining across the ages. We are spreading the word and are confident of seeing Jetta's story in many homes around this country. Blessings, Dave ((I posted this first just hours after the Mission Plaza book fair...but the blogspot wasn't behaving...hopefully this will show))

  2. Hi Jetta,
    I loved seeing you at the Book and Author Fair. I'm so proud of you for telling humans about Service dogs. I'm a therapy dog for my Mom who had breast cancer. I stayed right by her side through it all. We went for walks every day, even on chemo days, but those were shorter. Now she is cancer-free and we still do lots of things together. Today I went to Splash: Swim Therapy for Dogs in Morro Bay. I have nerve damage in my left hind foot, so I am learning to use it by swimming. I'm getting stronger and better every day. Mom is my Service Human now. Thank you for being a good friend and example to me. Wagging tails, Emi Lou