Monday, September 27, 2010

My embarrasment 9/26/10

Last Friday I went to a doctors appt. I took my younger dog Bud with me, Jetta stayed home because of the heat. Heat with an older dog doesn't mix. Bud is great in public but still more of a pup than Jetta was at that age. The doctor is a dog lover and when we get to his office the doctor rolls around on the floor playing with Bud. It's a sight to see. Of course I released Bud. Dogs make people happy. I sold two books there. Then we drove to another town. My helper drove because I'm carless now. In the confusion, I forgot the most important rule: always give the dog an opportunity to relieve himself before going into any place. Bud drank water when we got out of the car. Bud had never been to this beauty shop. The hairdresser has 3 small dogs that hang out on a sofa. Bud walked in and came face to face with these little dogs. The middle one showed Bud her teeth. Bud stepped away from the confrontation, walked several steps and squatted and urinated on an Oriental rug. Gosh, I couldn't believe I forgot to let him pee before going indoors. Bud always lets me know when he needs to go! Was my face red. I had a lesson in being here now...
Love, Denise

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