Saturday, March 31, 2012

Baby Knucle Head Bud --Orvis Cover Dog Contest

I am entering this picture in this contests because for a donation of 5$ you can help the cause for fighting cancer in dogs. Go to this is a puppy Bud before he left his pack. I call the picture Knuckle Head Bud

Friday, March 30, 2012

I love Mud

I'm a puppy who was born Aug 1st in Atascadero and am smart enough to know mud is cool in this hot place! My siblings jump on top of me, but I am the smartest one of my litter. When I am bigger, I will be called Big Bud Jr and I will get to live at the cool beach in Cayucos. Lucky Puppy.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Love At First Sight

I love this picture. Bud at this was still to young to leave his pack. He stole my heart. I was in love with him until forever

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Batman Comes To Play

Batman hasn't been around for awhile, Jamie, my helper has been working on her education. I am happy that can work on weekends. Bud is happy and rehabbing well. He can actually be a dog again. Bud is walking on leash for 30 mins daily and is still swimming at Splash 3 days a week. In a couple of more weeks he can back to unlimited walks and swimming the bay again.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Rec Sport Pool

I have swam at Cal Poy for many years, its a nice pool. They have been closed for remodel for two years. I have missed the availability of hour and days for swim. Cuesta pool was open from 5.30 to 7 am five days a week. Now that Cal Poly pool is open it makes my life a little easier than getting up a 4 am to swim. In Jetta,s book, the chapter Lifeguard Jetta, takes place at Cal poly pool. In the sequel we have stories of Bud and Jetta's adventures set in pool area.

Monday, March 19, 2012

It's A Monday

Mondays are usually busy with life stuff. Today I found myself feeling angry and frustrated. During the weekend one TV died and another one had some big black box so I couldn't watch in my bedroom. The TV in the living had awful problems I thought maybe from the storm. This weekend I started hating my hair style again, and I feel fat and  my body felt achy my elbow got I just found out after a month of bad pain, was actually dislocated and I suffered some much and on and on......I found myself unhappy. Then I looked at my Bud. Today he was going swimming at Splash. He now walks every day 25 mins. I thought of him and I felt better.My knucklehead. On the way to the pool starts crying with joy about getting to swim. The reason we have our dogs is for us to find time to play. Bud is a great dog and I love to watch him play.

Monday, March 12, 2012

What's Up Mom?

I have been back working in my garden again. This always helps me feel better. All the down time was hard on my body. I had to get around in a wheelchair for two months! My shoulders and elbow and hands took a beating. Now, I am slowly building up my walking time. I started at ten minutes now I'm  walking thirty.. Bud is rehabbing well. He is walking twenty minutes daily and swimming three days a week at Splash. I am able to keep my shoes on for a big part of the day and tomorrow I go back to the pool. To be in the water is a treat.  Shown in the picture I'm gathers seeds of my flowers to make babies. Bud thinks it may be something for me to eat.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Bud's First Day Back Swimming At Splash

As we turn down the street to Bud's favorite dog pool, his cries hurt your ears. Bud has had to wait three  months to swim for his rehab. Bud gets so excited he cries. Swimming is the best for rehabing his knee.  Now Bud had to swim a diiffernt way because of his knee surgery, with a lifejacket and he has to use the lift. Chris, the woman in the water with him,  had to put him in the lift and she put a jacket on him so he would not over work his knee. He used to walk down the steps. Once he figured it out he had fun. He could only do 10 mins starting up. He did not want to get out but he is a good boy. He loves swimming there. I have to wait on him swimming back at Bud's Bay for awhile. I am so happy that Bud is having fun again. Me too. He's my boy.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Bud's Back

Bud had a visit with our vet, Dr Schechter for his knee repair. The vet is very pleased that Bud is healing well. Bud can now get up on the furniture and my bed and go out in the yard by himself, not on leash. He is walking 15 minutes a day with added 5 minutes every week. After returning home after the vet, we move the love seat back.(the love seat is Bud's favorite spot in the house) Bud got on the love seat 2 seconds after it got placed back. Look at a happy Bud on his favorite place.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Bud Meets A Black Panther

Look at Black Panther with Bud. Not really. The sweet dog belongs to Jim. Sox is Lab mix who is all black with white accents. The dog really wanted to play but they had to be seperated. Poor Bud is so bored. He can play with Sox when he is more better.....