Monday, March 19, 2012

It's A Monday

Mondays are usually busy with life stuff. Today I found myself feeling angry and frustrated. During the weekend one TV died and another one had some big black box so I couldn't watch in my bedroom. The TV in the living had awful problems I thought maybe from the storm. This weekend I started hating my hair style again, and I feel fat and  my body felt achy my elbow got I just found out after a month of bad pain, was actually dislocated and I suffered some much and on and on......I found myself unhappy. Then I looked at my Bud. Today he was going swimming at Splash. He now walks every day 25 mins. I thought of him and I felt better.My knucklehead. On the way to the pool starts crying with joy about getting to swim. The reason we have our dogs is for us to find time to play. Bud is a great dog and I love to watch him play.

1 comment:

  1. Hard times. My dogs, over the years, have always been my channel back to humor and love.
    God bless our dogs!