Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Bud's First Day Back Swimming At Splash

As we turn down the street to Bud's favorite dog pool, his cries hurt your ears. Bud has had to wait three  months to swim for his rehab. Bud gets so excited he cries. Swimming is the best for rehabing his knee.  Now Bud had to swim a diiffernt way because of his knee surgery, with a lifejacket and he has to use the lift. Chris, the woman in the water with him,  had to put him in the lift and she put a jacket on him so he would not over work his knee. He used to walk down the steps. Once he figured it out he had fun. He could only do 10 mins starting up. He did not want to get out but he is a good boy. He loves swimming there. I have to wait on him swimming back at Bud's Bay for awhile. I am so happy that Bud is having fun again. Me too. He's my boy.

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