Friday, October 29, 2010

Jetta Goes to Her Vet


I noticed a little spot that looked like a wart under Jetta’s eyelid – I’m always expecting the worst, like “Oh my God, she’s going blind”!. I do this because once Jetta had a little cancerous bump that had to be removed, it was called a maste cell. I took her to the vet and also took Bud for his monthly weigh-in. She walked in like a good service dog, she always loves to be there. Bud, who has had some painful toe-nail breakage recently, has been afraid of the vet. My helper Charlie had to basically force him to go, he had to be pulled. We got to the clinic, Jetta got weighed while Bud was trying to get out of that hell-hole, crying and jumping on my lap, carrying on like a big drama king. We got in the examining room for Jetta’s appointment and the vet gave her a thorough exam. He explained that the eyelid sore was starting to scratch and irritate her eye. He said we could put her under or take it off right then with his scissors. I said to do it the easy way. He said she probably wouldn’t have any discomfort, so I said “Do it without putting her under”. Good, patient Jetta. All the time Bud was crying, trying to escape and carrying on like a big baby. During the exam, we talked about how dogs age. She’s lost muscle, but her weight is perfect, so we can only continue what we’ve been doing with her, walking and swimming, for as long as possible. After the exam, both of them got a treat. The vet bought the book and loved it. Bud was so happy to get out of the room, but Jetta wanted to stay because she loves the attention of her fans and knows they have treats.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Old Dogs Have No Shame

Jetta's behavior has changed with age. Jetta has always been the most polite dog. Now that she is almost 12, she is rude. She looks at me and barks for treats. She never did this before. She barks at me to jump up to bring her the water bucket from the kitchen into the living room while I'm watching TV. I know this because I tell her that I don't know what she wants. Then she gets up and goes to the kitchen and drinks water from the water bucket. She barks at me when she wants to have a walk. When we go to the beach, she trots down the beach stairs then barks at me while I walk down carefully so I don't kill myself; she wants me move faster. She pokes her nose at pockets of people on the beach hoping that treats drop out. She backs her hind quarters in to every one she sees, hoping for bootie rubs. At home in the garage, where I keep a covered cat box, she puts her head in, looking for kitty poop. Gross! She knows how to open the refrigerator and kitchen cupboard where I keep the trash. At night I have to put the trash bucket in the sink. On three different times, when the front gate didn't get closed properly she took off and wandered the neighborhood looking for food. Jetta, much to my shock, has gone into other homes down the block and eaten any food left in sight. I can only think that old dogs don't care. They must think "Oh well, whats the worst thing that can happen." So I have concluded that old dogs have no shame because they know how much we love them and treasure every moment with them.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Dogs Visting

It took me a while to really understand Bud. He is so different than Jetta. He is an awesome dog when we are working. He is steady in chaotic settings. I think he gets more drained faster than Jetta, so I give him more play breaks. A good friend stopped by with her pack of four dogs. The dogs had tons and tons of energy from riding in a car for eight hours. This pack of dogs lives in the country way up north and are rescue dogs. The dogs came in. The owner of the pack has two little dogs that are friendly and meet my dogs well. The other two larger dogs got busy checking out my house and found toys right away. My dogs share toys and are used to this and know that's okay. One of the dogs played rough and barked and growled and snapped at Bud. Bud bared his teeth in defense and retreated to me and jumped on my lap, on the sofa, which he never does. He watched the pack of wild dogs with a look of disdain and then left the room to the solace of his crate in the den away from these wild crazy dogs. Jetta just laid on the floor not bothered by this at all. So now you know more about my dogs' temperament. We call Bud the sensitive one and Jetta the rock.
I would love to hear about your dogs' behavior in similar situations.

Jetta's Journey ~ Life and Times of a Service Dog: Service Pups Need Play Time

Jetta's Journey ~ Life and Times of a Service Dog: Service Pups Need Play Time: "This morning we played at the beach. Jetta loves to roam and sniff and look for food. Because I just got over an injury I kept Jetta on th..."

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Service Pups Need Play Time

This morning we played at the beach. Jetta loves to roam and sniff and look for food. Because I just got over an injury I kept Jetta on the leash until I felt safe walking on my own. Bud wants and needs more fun. We old ladies walk and Bud runs around finding people to throw the ball. Jetta did the same thing when she was younger. When no one is on the beach, he digs and digs. He burns energy and this is good. He always find people to play. I trust Bud now to come back but there was a time when was younger that he followed people down the beach and out sight. Last year Bud met a man who walks fast with his yellow Lab and Bud started playing them, I lost sight of him down the beach and I Luciky found a runner who found him and brought him back. I just knew he had found a new home. Well, we saw that man today and Bud stayed with me. I tripped twice and Bud came when I blew my whistle, to help me to stand up. Good pup.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Swim Therapy

Old dogs need extra care to keep strong. With age dogs lose muscle and Jetta was getting weak in her back legs. Swimming with Chris at "Splash" in Morro Bay helps her. Bud swims too. Bud starts crying when we go down her street. Both dogs get excited when we go. After swimming, Jetta acts like a puppy and Bud is really mellow because he swims like a maniac.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Day At The Beach

A perfect day at the beach this am Warm no wind. Bud is a ball freak while Jetta would rather meet people and search for treats and bones and dead stuff to roll on. I am grateful that Jetta has not taught Bud how to roll yet. She did show him how good horse poop tastes. Gross! Bud needs more exercise than Jetta so, I run him more when we are the 2 of us. When I leave Jetta home I make sure she is tired. When we are all at the beach Jetta enjoys while Bud is swimming buttie rub time. She can't get enough. She loves meeting folks but she back her hind end so they can rub her bootie too. Old dogs have no shame. She wade in the cool water and takes pleasure in the day and the moment. I need her to teach me that trick.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Friday Cayucos Book Signing

We had a lot of fun at the book signing and met two people who shared my experience with service dogs. One with a German Shepard and the other with a Basset Hound. Another friend was inspired to train his dog to be a service dog who suffers from post traumatic stress disorder. I also met someone with two Samoyed's that are being tested to help the elderly as therapy dogs.The day was a good dog day.