Friday, October 29, 2010

Jetta Goes to Her Vet


I noticed a little spot that looked like a wart under Jetta’s eyelid – I’m always expecting the worst, like “Oh my God, she’s going blind”!. I do this because once Jetta had a little cancerous bump that had to be removed, it was called a maste cell. I took her to the vet and also took Bud for his monthly weigh-in. She walked in like a good service dog, she always loves to be there. Bud, who has had some painful toe-nail breakage recently, has been afraid of the vet. My helper Charlie had to basically force him to go, he had to be pulled. We got to the clinic, Jetta got weighed while Bud was trying to get out of that hell-hole, crying and jumping on my lap, carrying on like a big drama king. We got in the examining room for Jetta’s appointment and the vet gave her a thorough exam. He explained that the eyelid sore was starting to scratch and irritate her eye. He said we could put her under or take it off right then with his scissors. I said to do it the easy way. He said she probably wouldn’t have any discomfort, so I said “Do it without putting her under”. Good, patient Jetta. All the time Bud was crying, trying to escape and carrying on like a big baby. During the exam, we talked about how dogs age. She’s lost muscle, but her weight is perfect, so we can only continue what we’ve been doing with her, walking and swimming, for as long as possible. After the exam, both of them got a treat. The vet bought the book and loved it. Bud was so happy to get out of the room, but Jetta wanted to stay because she loves the attention of her fans and knows they have treats.

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  1. Hi Jetta,
    I like the vet, too, even though some tough things have happened to me there. I have so many doctors and vet techs that love me and like to see me come in. I have a new walking boot we got from my doctor, so I can walk as much as I want now and not injure my paralyzed foot. I can run again, too. My foot is almost healed so I can go back to swimming at Splash. I scraped it up just before Mom and Dad left for Hawaii, so my friend, Tom, had to change my bandages and give me medicine. But now I'm ready to go again. See you soon, I hope. Mom wants you to sign your books that she bought for Christmas gifts.