Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Service Pups Need Play Time

This morning we played at the beach. Jetta loves to roam and sniff and look for food. Because I just got over an injury I kept Jetta on the leash until I felt safe walking on my own. Bud wants and needs more fun. We old ladies walk and Bud runs around finding people to throw the ball. Jetta did the same thing when she was younger. When no one is on the beach, he digs and digs. He burns energy and this is good. He always find people to play. I trust Bud now to come back but there was a time when was younger that he followed people down the beach and out sight. Last year Bud met a man who walks fast with his yellow Lab and Bud started playing them, I lost sight of him down the beach and I Luciky found a runner who found him and brought him back. I just knew he had found a new home. Well, we saw that man today and Bud stayed with me. I tripped twice and Bud came when I blew my whistle, to help me to stand up. Good pup.

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