Thursday, October 7, 2010

Day At The Beach

A perfect day at the beach this am Warm no wind. Bud is a ball freak while Jetta would rather meet people and search for treats and bones and dead stuff to roll on. I am grateful that Jetta has not taught Bud how to roll yet. She did show him how good horse poop tastes. Gross! Bud needs more exercise than Jetta so, I run him more when we are the 2 of us. When I leave Jetta home I make sure she is tired. When we are all at the beach Jetta enjoys while Bud is swimming buttie rub time. She can't get enough. She loves meeting folks but she back her hind end so they can rub her bootie too. Old dogs have no shame. She wade in the cool water and takes pleasure in the day and the moment. I need her to teach me that trick.

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