Monday, October 18, 2010

Dogs Visting

It took me a while to really understand Bud. He is so different than Jetta. He is an awesome dog when we are working. He is steady in chaotic settings. I think he gets more drained faster than Jetta, so I give him more play breaks. A good friend stopped by with her pack of four dogs. The dogs had tons and tons of energy from riding in a car for eight hours. This pack of dogs lives in the country way up north and are rescue dogs. The dogs came in. The owner of the pack has two little dogs that are friendly and meet my dogs well. The other two larger dogs got busy checking out my house and found toys right away. My dogs share toys and are used to this and know that's okay. One of the dogs played rough and barked and growled and snapped at Bud. Bud bared his teeth in defense and retreated to me and jumped on my lap, on the sofa, which he never does. He watched the pack of wild dogs with a look of disdain and then left the room to the solace of his crate in the den away from these wild crazy dogs. Jetta just laid on the floor not bothered by this at all. So now you know more about my dogs' temperament. We call Bud the sensitive one and Jetta the rock.
I would love to hear about your dogs' behavior in similar situations.

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