Monday, April 30, 2012

Bud With A bone

Bud had a fun day; he walked with me on our beach then he swam in the bay in Moro Bay (Bud's Bay.) After cleaning him up and treating his with drops to prevent ear problems he enjoys a bone while sun bathing.What a hard life he has. Bud's knee rehab is going great. He swims almost daily.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Two Tired Friends

Bud and his best friend Batman play on the beach again after Batman kept my Bud company during his months of knee rehab. I thank God for Bud's health and I love watching him play again on our dog beach in this dog town. The dogs played on the beach before the picture was taken. Good dog is a tired dog.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Bud Oven Cleaner

Yesterday, while I was busy working on my jungle of overgrown vines and plants, to save time on my busy day I put 7 large chicken legs in the oven. I came in to get the done chicken out of the oven and I saw that one of the racks in the oven was lopsided. I pulled the chicken out and the dish flipped upside down in the the oven, on the floor and every where chicken grease 7 perfectly cooked chicken legs. The oven and grease on the floor and oven was so hot I couldn't clean the horrible mess. So I told Bud to stay out of the kitchen. He had been napping on his cozy dog bed next to the kitchen. I finally finished my gardening several hours and came into the house wondering why Bud didn't come to tell me that his dinner time at 4.30 had passed and now it was 5.30. I looked at the stove and it was spotless. The floor had no grease the oven was cleaned and all the chicken gone; skins bones gone. Bud looked at me like he had done me a favor. I put a chair and tried to block the oven. I smiled to know that he a dog and full happy dog. This will in his book. PS Jetta would have been so proud!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Bud Is Back Swimming In The Bay After Knee Rehab

Bud's favorite place in Moro Bay is the bay next to the Harbor Patrol. Bud draws a crowd when he swims there. People stop to watch him have so much fun. Bud know while I am in the car with him,he cries with joy and excitement
even when we are miles away from the water.He is a natural born swimmer.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Bud The Tide Pool Digger

This story is in the sequel. In the story, Bud was five months old. Notice looking at Bud now four years old you can tell how much he loves digging in the sand. When we get to the beach, I run down the stairs
and jump onto soft sand. Then I run into the water and jump in the tide pools because I'm the man. Mom loves our play time at the beach. We come here every day. My whole body goes under water. I just love this. Labs are water dogs. Jetta wades in like a girl for the ball; I charge in because I'm the man. I run into the water for fun. I chase dogs playing with me and never get afraid. Once when I was a puppy, a big mean old bad dog scared me, and then a big wave hit me and tumbled me around. I cried and ran to Mom. Now I am almost five months old, and I am the man at my beach. Today is a great beach day. Other dogs and their families are playing. Mom misses her son and grandchildren. She likes to see young families playing together. Jetta is playing ball with a nice family. She loves retrieving. It makes her happy. I follow a scent with my puppy nose, and then I dig and dig, fast, fast, fast. I dig up a bone. Mom likes me to dig here, but not in her yard. I pull on the bone. It’s connected to something big, and it smells terrific. Darn. Mom wants to walk, and I just want to chew my bone. Mom takes a few pictures of us playing on the beach. With the camera she stands close to my deep tide pool. When the tide comes in, a big wave knocks her flat on her face. Mom lies in the water and can't get up while the waves keep coming and coming. Jetta runs to Mom. I run to her, too. She needs me. Mom, I am here, right next to Jetta. Let me kiss you. The waves keep coming. What should I do? I watch what Jetta does. Mom says, "Jetta, stand." Jetta stands still and strong, so Mom can pull herself up. I kiss her. We all walk out of the water, Jetta helping her walk to the sand. Mom laughs and says, "Oh, Bud, that picture would have been so cute, but I lost my camera in the waves. Thank you for rescuing me, Jetta. Bud, thank you for trying to help, but you’re still too young for me to put all my weight on you. You’re the man.” I loved saving Mom with my big sister, Jetta. I love Mom, and she needs me. I'm now her man.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Us Back On Our Beach

We both finally after waiting for Bud's rehab time to go back to Bud being a dog on the beach. The day was beautiful. It's great to live in Cayucos. I am blessed to enjoy my life with Bud here at our favorite beach.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Back In The Water At Cal Poly

I am so happy to swimming again after two months, because of
my toe surgery that keep me off my normal life style of swimming and walking on my beach everyday. What a blessing to back in the water. I am one happy gal after my daily swim. X--boyfriends have told me that I much easier to be around when I am swimming. I have to agree. It's nice to see my friends there at the pool.