Saturday, April 21, 2012

Bud Oven Cleaner

Yesterday, while I was busy working on my jungle of overgrown vines and plants, to save time on my busy day I put 7 large chicken legs in the oven. I came in to get the done chicken out of the oven and I saw that one of the racks in the oven was lopsided. I pulled the chicken out and the dish flipped upside down in the the oven, on the floor and every where chicken grease 7 perfectly cooked chicken legs. The oven and grease on the floor and oven was so hot I couldn't clean the horrible mess. So I told Bud to stay out of the kitchen. He had been napping on his cozy dog bed next to the kitchen. I finally finished my gardening several hours and came into the house wondering why Bud didn't come to tell me that his dinner time at 4.30 had passed and now it was 5.30. I looked at the stove and it was spotless. The floor had no grease the oven was cleaned and all the chicken gone; skins bones gone. Bud looked at me like he had done me a favor. I put a chair and tried to block the oven. I smiled to know that he a dog and full happy dog. This will in his book. PS Jetta would have been so proud!

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