Saturday, September 19, 2015

Clicker Training 101 With Bella

I think clicker training is a lot fun especially when your dog love food. Way back when Jetta was still a puppy we went to our first clicker class together and Jetta would droll some much I had to bring a towel for her face and the floor. With Bud he is motivated by food and the ball. Bella is easy to train because she is motivate by food and toy.The purpose of clicker training is conditioning. The dog knows that the sound of the clicker means a reward.When I told Holly, her mom about this training she bought more clickers because we both are working with Bella on training that is positive.The sound gets their attention. The best part of the training is that the dog and owner have fun and that helps with bonding. So Bella is one lucky girl she has people who love her and the time spend is all fun and who doesn't want to have more fun?

Shown here are the pics for the last training 

Friday, September 11, 2015

Lily's Big Adventure

Recently Lily scared us so much when she went missing! Holly, her owner went nuts and I don't blame her. Lily is one cute dog and so small that she would be picked up easily by anybody because she is so friendly. I called the sheriff and Holly's family came to help to search for her because the night was coming soon and Lily was nowhere to be found. What do you when you loose your dog. The unknown is horrible! Twice I lost sight of Jetta in the daytime and I was crazy with worry. Both times she was searching the neighborhood for food, because she was always hungry. A true Lab! So the good news is that Lily has gone off on her own before and Casey, Holly's daughter found her. If I was as tiny as Lily, less than 10 pounds, I would be scared if I wondered away from home. Not Lily she doesn't care, when she is on a mission her nose is to the ground and she just keeps walking. Lily is a mix of Yorkie and Shitzu she is a confident little dog. The last photo below is Lily with her big sister Andie a St. Bernard/Great Pyreneese mix. Lily thinks she is as big as Andie.

Monday, September 7, 2015

Bad Bella (Pup Home Alone)

The other day I had to leave Bella our new pack member home alone for several hours. When I can back, I was shocked that Bella, had an adventure exploring my house. In my haste to leave I left some medication on the kitchen table. I was worried that she may have eating something to make her sick. When I looked I found that she only ate one pill that was not harmful. Of course, I called the vet and made sure. Then I was surprised that some how she got on the kitchen counter top and ate half of Bud's kibble. I know this because she had mud on her paws from digging and finding sticks.Then I looked in my shower and saw a stick and muddy paw prints! I told myself, It's so great to have a puppy in the house again.
Since we don't know Bella's history, I can only guess why she does not like yelling and reacts when she thinks she maybe harmed, I hope nobody hit her. She is a very sweet, smart dog. She learns fast. In another blog I will tell about my training with her, It's so nice to a female Lab around. But I love, love, love Bud. Bella was being a three year old Lab, She is a good girl.