Saturday, September 19, 2015

Clicker Training 101 With Bella

I think clicker training is a lot fun especially when your dog love food. Way back when Jetta was still a puppy we went to our first clicker class together and Jetta would droll some much I had to bring a towel for her face and the floor. With Bud he is motivated by food and the ball. Bella is easy to train because she is motivate by food and toy.The purpose of clicker training is conditioning. The dog knows that the sound of the clicker means a reward.When I told Holly, her mom about this training she bought more clickers because we both are working with Bella on training that is positive.The sound gets their attention. The best part of the training is that the dog and owner have fun and that helps with bonding. So Bella is one lucky girl she has people who love her and the time spend is all fun and who doesn't want to have more fun?

Shown here are the pics for the last training 

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