Monday, September 7, 2015

Bad Bella (Pup Home Alone)

The other day I had to leave Bella our new pack member home alone for several hours. When I can back, I was shocked that Bella, had an adventure exploring my house. In my haste to leave I left some medication on the kitchen table. I was worried that she may have eating something to make her sick. When I looked I found that she only ate one pill that was not harmful. Of course, I called the vet and made sure. Then I was surprised that some how she got on the kitchen counter top and ate half of Bud's kibble. I know this because she had mud on her paws from digging and finding sticks.Then I looked in my shower and saw a stick and muddy paw prints! I told myself, It's so great to have a puppy in the house again.
Since we don't know Bella's history, I can only guess why she does not like yelling and reacts when she thinks she maybe harmed, I hope nobody hit her. She is a very sweet, smart dog. She learns fast. In another blog I will tell about my training with her, It's so nice to a female Lab around. But I love, love, love Bud. Bella was being a three year old Lab, She is a good girl.

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