Saturday, August 29, 2015

Bella's Sleep Over

Bella, my helpers new dog is 3 yrs and Holly let her come over to spend time with us at our home. Bella loves to go outside and do a lap around the whole yard. She goes out the doggie door in the front room and walks on the side walk all around the house and come in and and out to keep her from boredom. After the 500 th lap I took her on a scooter run and she was a little confused at first but then had fun. Shown here is later on when both dogs where hanging out .
I have worked with her on "Boundary " as you see both dogs ave been told to stay out of the kitchen. What great dogs. Labs are so smart.........I like the energy of a female Lab. Bella gives soft kisses and Bud shares his toys. I LOVE THE COMPANY OF DOGS!

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