Saturday, January 31, 2015

Dog With A Job - 10 year old Homer

Homer is a yellow Lab often swims at the bay where Bud swims.  Homer is a busy, busy boy he runs around like a hunting dog, they do this naturally  to scare birds out to open so the hunter can see them. Hunting dogs are more active by their breeding. You see all the game that Homer found for his hunter. Homer off duty is a dog with young kids to keep safe. I love watching him in action. He is very amazing!

Bud Loves Big Sticks

Bud loves big sticks; shown here you my crazy pup!

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Bernie Loves Bud

This is from my my new book that will be out by next year. Bernie and My Lady are English Mastiffs not Bull Mastiffs. Pictured is My Lady and Bernie sleeping on her Pug's bed!   I do this for love from Bernie who shared time with and my boy Buddy. She is in heaven with Jetta. Bud tells us his story

 Bud: Bernie Loves Bud
I hear Bernie, my big Mastiff girlfriend, barking at me from her back yard near the beach. She loves me. Bernie barks hello to me and her dad opens the gate. She runs down the hill to meet me at our beach. She likes me, only me. Bernie is very shy so I am her only dog friend. She is a good girl. She is the biggest dog I’ve ever seen in my whole life of seven months. Bernie lives with two little Pugs. They get jealous when we play. The Pugs stay up in their patio overlooking the beach, running in circles, barking for Bernie to stop playing the chase game with me.
 Oh, no. A dog with floppy ears runs over to play with us. Shy Bernie turns and runs home to her Pugs on her patio. She is afraid. It's okay, Bernie. I’ll chase the dog off. I run after the dog and give it a couple barks. I’ll protect you, Bernie. Look, Bernie, the dog is she running away. I saved you. Bernie trots back down the stairs to play chase again. I bow and she starts into the chase. Wow, she is so fun to play with. Mom and Bernie’s dad sit on a rock to watch.

 Mom has to be careful to not get knocked down. Bernie weighs much more than she does. She would flatten Mom like a pancake if she rolled on her. I run into the waves. I love water, but Bernie stops when water touches her toes. I keep running into the water. Bernie tries to follow me, but when the water hits her ankles, she runs away. Come on in, Bernie; the water’s fun. Bernie is not a water dog.
Bernie’s dad calls her back home. She likes to curl up in the sun with her two Pugs for an afternoon nap.
Mom says, “Buddy, we still have to practice our lessons.”
Okay, Mom, but I sure like playing with my girlfriend.
“Oh, Bud, tomorrow is another day. You will see Bernie tomorrow.”
I am glad that Mom knows that Service Dogs in training need to play. I’ll dream about Bernie tonight.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Bud Loves Baking Days

When the kitchen smells so divine because dogs are smart they know if they hang around they might get to help clean up. Notice Bud hiding under the table. I let him get a couple licks in but never chocolate. 

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Younger Bud Digging, Over The Years He Is Still Digging

Bud started digging when he was 7 weeks. He lived with his litter mates in hot Atascdero  he dug to get to the cool mud. Then in his life with me and Jetta they had fun digging on the beach together,
he still digs EVERY DAY. Over his life so far how wounder how may miles he has dug up. Bud is a my love of my life. People stop often to stare and smile. Bud is good for your soul. Thank you honey for making people happy. I'm so in love with him.

I wonder if Bud needs help for his crazy digging habit; he really goes wild. I am glad that he never digs in the yard!

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Wish For New Year

I'm with my Mom and hoping every one of your loves, dogs and humans have health and joy every day. Dogs in picture are Bud, Holly, Scoobey share in my life.