Saturday, October 23, 2010

Old Dogs Have No Shame

Jetta's behavior has changed with age. Jetta has always been the most polite dog. Now that she is almost 12, she is rude. She looks at me and barks for treats. She never did this before. She barks at me to jump up to bring her the water bucket from the kitchen into the living room while I'm watching TV. I know this because I tell her that I don't know what she wants. Then she gets up and goes to the kitchen and drinks water from the water bucket. She barks at me when she wants to have a walk. When we go to the beach, she trots down the beach stairs then barks at me while I walk down carefully so I don't kill myself; she wants me move faster. She pokes her nose at pockets of people on the beach hoping that treats drop out. She backs her hind quarters in to every one she sees, hoping for bootie rubs. At home in the garage, where I keep a covered cat box, she puts her head in, looking for kitty poop. Gross! She knows how to open the refrigerator and kitchen cupboard where I keep the trash. At night I have to put the trash bucket in the sink. On three different times, when the front gate didn't get closed properly she took off and wandered the neighborhood looking for food. Jetta, much to my shock, has gone into other homes down the block and eaten any food left in sight. I can only think that old dogs don't care. They must think "Oh well, whats the worst thing that can happen." So I have concluded that old dogs have no shame because they know how much we love them and treasure every moment with them.

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