Sunday, July 13, 2014

Marley Make Progress

Ever since I first met my staff Sylvia's Chihuahua, a 10 year old non-socialized dog, I have been working hard for Marley to trust me. The first week she would not look at me. Then I worked my magic with clicker training and the second week she looked at me but I still could not hold her. Third week she was running to me and happy to take food from me and finally last week she let me pet her, and then she started giving me kisses. Marley spent the night with us last night when Sylvia left town. After Sylvia left her, Marley had a minor very expected set back for a few hours. I just let her pout and then Amber came to work with Dewey as I thought that would help was something to see, the two small dogs played like dogs. This is the first time that Marley has played like a dog and now the dogs are great friends. Last night another miracle is Marley got in bed with me and snuggled!!! And in the morning pooed in my office. She let me know that she is a 10 old diva. Sylvia can't believe what a change from being carried everywhere and treated like a baby she has made. Marley is now a dog. The other day when I left the  room where I put a dish of treats and clicker Marley snuck in and ate all the treats..She later said Jetta made me do it.

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