Saturday, October 4, 2014

Sneak peek of my next book, Lessons From Jetta--Bud's first story

Bud: My New Home
My new mom, Denise, named me Big Bud Jr. because she missed her dad and wanted me to have his good name. Donna, my breeder, told Denise that a dog named Buddy sired me. 
Mom said, “Bud, you have an important job to learn to be my Service Dog.”
My new home is far away from my birthplace. I already like it better because it’s cooler here. That other place was so hot that I had to dig in the mud to stay cool. I won’t have to do that here. I am joining Jetta’s house and pack. My new yard smells of other dogs and cats. It also smells of the ocean. I love my new flower bed in the front yard—with wet little flowers to lie on just for me. Jetta is too big to fit here but I can tell she wishes she could lie here too. Jetta looks at me and sniffs and then goes into the house.  My new mom puts me down in the soft flowers. I like this spot. It is a perfect place for my first puppy nap.
Because the big yard is all fenced in, my new mom doesn’t have to worry about my getting lost. When I wake up, Mom and Jetta give me a tour to show me that  I have sunny places and shady places to sniff. In the back yard, I see a waterfall. I can hide between the plants and flowers. I stand in the water and have a drink. Hey, is this my swimming pool? I follow Mom and Jetta to see our big willow tree. Jetta loves the shade from this tree. I find a willow branch on the ground and chew a piece. Hmm, interesting. No, I change my mind and spit it out. Jetta shows me the rest of our yard where I smell more cats. I don’t see them.  I saw an old cat at my other home. Cats don’t like me much.
            Now Jetta shows me her favorite place: I see her go behind a bamboo tree and disappear. She is covered up with leaves and more leaves. Jetta’s place is too big for me. I love my place in the pretty flowers in the front yard. That’s my spot.
This is a nice place for dogs.  In my new house, I have a shiny new bowl and buckets full of water. I try to climb up to the water, but I’m not big like Jetta so Mom gives me my own water bowl. I have a new crate, too. Jetta has lived here for a long time. She is going to help me to be a good boy. Mom needs me to learn from Jetta how to be a Service Dog, whatever that means. All I know is that I will love my new home near the beach. I know that my new Mom loves me.
 Dinner time is good. After dinner, I go potty outside, and Mom puts me in the crate with the blanket that she rubbed on my mother’s belly. I love this scent. Jetta sleeps with Mom, but I get put in this bad crate. It’s dark now and I cry and cry. Nobody’s coming to save me. I cry more.
 When I wake up in the morning, I get carried outside to go potty. My new mom is all excited at what a good boy I am.  Then Mom gets busy in the kitchen. I walk around my house, looking for something to chew. I see a chair with soft foam padding on the arms. I bite into it. No taste. I spit it out, but it feels good on my puppy teeth. I take another bite and swallow. I take more bites.
I hear Mom say, “Oh, dear, Buddy. What did you do?”
Oh, boy. I’m caught in the act. I give my cute pup look and she melts.
“Oh, Buddy,” she says, “I can’t get mad at you. You’re just being a puppy.”
I lick her face. I like my new home.

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