Monday, December 15, 2014

Decan The Bernese Mountain Dog

There are not many of these dogs in my area so when I saw one I just had to meet him. These majestic beautiful dogs are a breed for herding and guarding. Their immense size makes the breed perfect and happy to work. I fell in love with this handsome sweetheart of a dog. He was two and still a puppy when he started digging with Bud. I couldn't hardly believe the size of his paws! Bernese Mountain dogs are from the Swiss Mountains and they are great on farms. They love to work. They pull carts and are used in rescues in the snow. They dig faster than men and are good at helping humans. The breed is docile and good with children, tolerating them climbing over them. Meeting Decan was a thrill. These dogs are amazing gentle giants. Ann, his person, promised to bring him back soon. I miss him. He had fun playing with Bud.

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