Monday, December 29, 2014

Eve's Happy Ending

Cocker Spaniels are very smart and love to work. Cockers are hunters by their DNA.They run through the most difficult terrain  to flush out game for hunter, As a pet you have to give them plenty of exercise.  Carol did  tell me that Eve likes to go across the street to chase the neighbors cat. That were her breeding is the reason, otherwise Eve is a happy Eve was a dog who wandered around Riverside and was found as a stray. The pound has a policy if a stray come the put her down.  Second Chance Recuse got her and saved her by hours away from from dieing. Carol one of my neighbors adopted her and now her life is sweet. When the pound picked her up she was pregnant. Many stray dogs are raped when the come in heet. Eve was moved to Santa Barbra and gave birth to four  darling pups. All the pups found homes. Eve is beautiful and she has the longest eye lashes I have ever seen on a dog.
Eve is a little shy at first but quickly she warms up to you. Carol walks Eve twice a day on our beach. Eve is very bounded to her new family.

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