Thursday, September 8, 2011

Bath Time According To Bud

Bummer, it’s the end to a perfect play time at my beach. Mom makes me stand very still for the water torture. First, I have to stand here like an idiot waiting for her to get the water temp just perfect for dogs. Not too hot, not too cold, just a little less than frozen water. I don’t tell her that Labs meant for cold, cold water. She wants to make bath time less awful, so I won’t run into the house wet and full of sand and hide in my crate and say, no Mom not today. Thanks anyway, but not today.
Mom says, “I’m her very good,polite dog.”
I stand here thinking, about making a run for the door. I guess not, Mom has the hose out and she is ready. First, the blast from afar. I stand next to the front gate for this part of bath time. She sits in a chair 15 ft away. She is safer sitting down for this torture.
She yells “Bud turn to the other side.”
I turn. Boy, she goes crazy with hose. I stand her a take this dog abuse. Wait I need a drink of water. I’m a boy dog who likes biting the water. Now, she calls me over to her for the close up blast. This actually feels better. I won’t tell her.
Bud, she tells me, “At this close range, I can see those darn fleas that get on you at the beach, get washed away, especially when you roll and roll on the sand, good Buddy”
Okay, Mom I think that I am squeak clean now. Good towel game. Don’t forget the hip massage. I’m in the house to dry my nose on my fluffy blanket in the living room. I get water in nose when crash through those waves. Then, I go in the in the house run into Mom’s bedroom I jump on her bed and roll and roll.
After that, she always yells, “Buddy goes out of the house for your treat.”
Yeah, best time in the sun with a bone. Life is good.

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